After Hours at the Aquarium

After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium is always amazing. Therefore, we try to attend as often as possible, and this time we could enjoy a Halloween themed After Hours which was really, really nice.
The weather was great, too! No rain at all.

We enjoyed exploring the galleries and seeing the animals in a different light.
Both harbour seals and Steller sea lions were outside and getting ready for the night. Others, like the belugas or harbour porpoises, were busy playing with the pumpkins in their habitats.

There was a beautiful display of carved pumpkins to be admired, too, and it was indeed quite hard to pick one.

(to be continued…)

A rainy afternoon at the Aquarium

Together with our boys we spent a great afternoon at the Vancouver Aquarium, exploring once again its various galleries.

We saw so many animals, and in the Amazon we were especially lucky to see one of the sloths really up close.
Then we had to stop at the cute Pacific spiny lumpsuckers in BC Waters, too.

Despite the rain we observed both harbour seals and a Steller sea lion swimming in the water whereas another sea lion was sitting outside on the platform.

But we spent most of the time at one of the underwater viewing areas. Which one? Well, just have a look at the pictures…


Penguins, sea lions, porpoises – and an axolotl

After our cultural tour through some of Vancouver’s museums, we still had some time in the afternoon to visit – well, you will most likely have guessed correctly – the Vancouver Aquarium.

First of all, we went to see the axolotl who was not into hiding too much today. Isn’t he a cute little animal?!
We also had a look at the Steller sea lions – or did they observe us?! – and the seven African penguins before heading towards the harbour porpoise habitat.
Jack came down to the underwater viewing area first, and a bit later Daisy joined him, too.

What a great experience to end this amazing day!

Penguins, sea lions, porpoises

After having seen harbour porpoises in the wild, we went to the Vancouver Aquarium to see Jack and Daisy, the two harbour porpoises there, up close – and they came really close to the underwater viewing windows!

We also visited the African penguins who were all on one side of the habitat – and the Steller sea lions who were already getting ready for the night.

Sea lions, dolphins, porpoises

After our little walk we could not resist to go to the Vancouver Aquarium. Well, we were in Stanley Park anyway, right?!

We saw Hana and Helen playing with a ball, two Steller sea lions having a nap, and Jack and Daisy up close at the underwater viewing windows – a perfect way to end this relaxing afternoon!

After Hours

Although it was a very rainy After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium, we had lots of fun and enjoyed spending our evening there.

While we were waiting for Up Close with Dolphins, we quickly walked through the rain to have a closer look at all four Steller sea lions again which were peacefully sleeping this time.

Then we watched Up Close with Dolphins. Fortunately for us, we had found and secured a dry spot for that so that we could enjoy it even more.

We also went to both Ask the Staff sessions which were really, really good.

And of course, we spent some time with the harbour porpoises.
Jack swam by from time to time, but Daisy frequently came to the underwater viewing area and checked out her visitors and their cameras or phones.

We definitely had a great time at After Hours – and cannot wait to go to the next one in summer!

Four Steller sea lions

During Up Close with Dolphins we could hear the sea lions from time to time being quite noisy – and yes, all four of them were in the habitat today!

One of the sea lion girls was lying on the platform, looking around, roaring, even sticking out her tongue (!).
The other three were swimming around, getting out onto or near the platform in between – all while being very, and I mean very, very vocal. They were even roaring in the water!

(to be continued…)

Vancouver Aquarium – here we come – again…

Being members at the Vancouver Aquarium is so worth it as we can spend as many times at the Vancouver Aquarium as we want during the year. Especially when we have an enormous amount of workload and hardly come out of the house, having some well-earned off-time at a place we love is simply wonderful.

So today we made our little round to first of all see the sea otters – and Katmai looked back at us!

Afterwards we watched Spotlight on Penguins where all African penguins stood well-lined up on one side of the habitat so that I could actually tell who was who. Steveston seemed to hang on interpretive specialist Vivan’s every word, always looking into her direction.
After that we could even watch marine mammal trainer Nicky feed those lovely penguins.

On we went to have a look at the beautiful belugas – and Aurora was looking at us several times. She even vocalized! That was so amazing.

We then followed the noise the Steller sea lions were making and found two of them sitting on their dock, being quite vocal, while one of the harbour seals swam by.

And finally we made our way to Jack and Daisy, our favourite harbour porpoises…

(to be continued…)

Geocaching, sea lions, dolphins, and a sea otter

We actually intended to enjoy the sun a bit, to go on a short geocaching tour in Stanley Park, and to visit the Vancouver Aquarium today.

So we set off in the sun in Burnaby, but when we went into Vancouver, there was fog pretty everywhere! The sun did not have any chance to come through that…
Well, that meant we still had our geocaching fun – in the fog! – and we found all three caches that we were looking for. Yay!

Once inside the Aquarium, we watched the Steller sea lions swimming in their habitat, roaring, and even coming out of the water.
We also watched the Pacific white-sided dolphins Hana and Helen in action, and spent some time in front of both sea otter habitats. Katmai was very active so that I could not get any decent picture of her, but Walter was enjoying a little nap.

Besides those animals, we went to see the harbour porpoises, too, which may come as a surprise to you… or not?!

(to be continued…)

A great Sunday afternoon at the Vancouver Aquarium

Today we spent some very relaxing afternoon hours at the Vancouver Aquarium, just walking around, learning some more facts about the various animals there, watching the seal and sea lion show, and having a fantastic time with the harbour porpoises, especially Daisy who came to the underwater viewing area a lot whereas Jack was just swimming by several times.

Time spent at the Vancouver Aquarium is always flying by, and much too soon we had to go back home again…