Morning walk along the sea wall and Lost Lagoon

Today I had some time before work, and so I strolled along Stanley Park’s sea wall until I came to Lost Lagoon, one of my favourite places in Vancouver.

On my way I saw Canada geese, various duck species, some tree swallows – and a harbour seal! What a great start of a work day!

(to be continued…)

Early morning walk in Stanley Park

When there is still so much time before work starts, why not have a nice little stroll along Stanley Park’s seawall?!
That was exactly what I did this morning, and I ended up walking along Lost Lagoon, too, one of my most favourite places in Vancouver.

I very much enjoyed this peaceful morning walk, and I never felt alone; there was always some kind of bird or a squirrel around.

We saw killer whales from Stanley Park

Marcus was lucky to be among all the early ones that ran down to the seawall to see a pod of killer whales swim by. Luckily he found me a bit later, and we tried to follow them on their way towards Lions Gate Bridge and past that.

Unfortunately, they were pretty far away, and with only a phone we could not get a decent picture…
But we saw them which was so amazing! Simply unbelievable!

Canada Place, Vancouver Lookout, Stanley Park

Together with our boys we visited Canada Place to experience FlyOver Canada – and what an experience it was! FlyOver China was pretty amazing, but FlyOver Canada was breathtakingly beautiful. The flying part definitely felt real.

From there we went to the Vancouver Lookout to have an amazing view of Greater Vancouver.

After that we strolled along Vancouver’s waterfront until we came to Stanley Park where we saw a blue heron wading in the water, and later a squirrel nibbling on something to eat.

We were quite hungry, too, although we had a nice snack and a cool drink in between, so we made our way home to get something delicious for dinner.

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup at Third Beach

Together with about 25 like-minded people, we collected a total of 23 kg of trash along a 2 km area of Third Beach in Stanley Park – and we had lots of fun!

Items we picked up most were about 500 cigarette butts (although Stanley Park is a smoke-free area), 260 food wrappers and 90 bottle caps. All that could have ended up in the ocean and hurt so many animals in there.

It feels good to have actively helped a tiny weeny bit.

The Hollow Tree in Stanley Park

In the afternoon we went on a short geocaching tour (we found all the geocaches we were looking for!) which also led us to this landmark in Stanley Park: the Hollow Tree.

I have to admit that although I must have seen the tree a hundred times so far, I have actually never stopped to admire it up close – and that I did today.

The Hollow Tree which is a 700–800 year-old stump is, unfortunately, no longer alive, but thanks to private donations it was realigned and stabilized after it had been badly damaged in the December 2006 windstorm.

It still remains one of the major attractions and photo opportunities in Stanley Park.

Third, Stanley Park

After having said goodbye to my in-laws, Marcus and I went down to Stanley Park’s seawall to enjoy fantastic views in the remaining sunlight on this beautiful day.

The Canada geese were busy picking in the grass whereas the seagulls were having a blast flying above the water and landing on it again while being very noisy.

We could also admire the amazingly coloured autumn leaves that have such luscious colours – even if there is no direct sunlight.

(to be continued…)

Waiting for the sun to set

After having said goodbye to my in-laws, Marcus and I headed towards Stanley Park’s seawall to take some pictures of Lions Gate Bridge in the setting sun.

While waiting for that to happen, we observed several seagulls and a even duck. A bit later a blue heron came by, too, sat on the seawall, and kept us company.

As is became colder and colder, we just kept walking along the seawall, and took some pictures of the girl in a wetsuit statue – with and without the additional seagull on top of it -, and the empress of japan figurehead while watching the sun set. The houses in North Vancouver and the Lions Gate Bridge had some stunning reflections of the setting sun.

We even waited until it became a bit darker to have an early night picture of Lions Gate Bridge.
I love the bridge day and night, and I try to drive across it whenever possible. It looks especially lovely with its LED lights on.

Anyway, after having spent quite a while at Stanley Park’s seawall, we headed home – via Lions Gate Bridge! – to have a nice hot cup of tea.

Lost Lagoon and Stanley Park

Today, together with Marcus’s parents we had a nice walk along Lost Lagoon – still one of my most favourite places – where we saw lots of wildlife, including some raccoon and squirrels (much to my mother-in-law’s delight).

The weather was really lovely, and so we also went to the probably most famous landmark in Stanley Park – its totem poles. Compared to summer times, the place was exceptionally empty so that we could really enjoy their beauty without having to face the usual crowd there.

And as the Vancouver Aquarium was close by, we simply had to pop in there as well…

(to be continued…)

Enjoying the rest of the evening in Stanley Park

After some fantastic hours at the Vancouver Aquarium, Marcus and I sat on a bench in Stanley Park, enjoying the remaining minutes of sunshine, watching the nature around, observing the animals, and just relaxing when Arty the Jester came up to us and showed us his newest props. Marcus even took some pictures for him before a family came by and wanted to have their picture taken with Arty the Jester. Arty then made a balloon monkey for the little boy which was really fascinating to watch.

Later on he told us story after story – and we definitely had a lot of fun.
After having said our goodbyes (several times), he gave us a balloon penguin (how appropriate today) and a balloon flower.

Arty the Jester is definitely lots of fun, and boy, can he entertain!