2016 Vancouver Tourism Challenge – Day 1

To start this year’s Vancouver Tourism Challenge off, we headed to the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre in Whistler where we learned a lot about both the Squamish and Lil’wat Nations.

After that we went to the West Coast Railway Heritage Park in Squamish, visited the Britannia Mine Museum in Britannia Beach, and went with the Sea to Sky Gondola which was amazing!

(to be continued…)

Off to Shannon Falls

After our visit at the Britannia Mine Museum, we decided to make a slight detour to the Shannon Falls which are the third highest falls in British Columbia (335 metres high).

Once there, we could already hear the falls while walking along the river which was most beautiful. And then the Shannon Falls came into sight. Simply amazing!

Britannia Mine Museum here we come

It was one of the few days where the weather forecast predicted hardly any rain at all. So we made our way to pay a visit to the Britannia Mine Museum in Squamish.

We we arrived, we first of all put on our hardhats and went onto an underground tour, sitting in a mine train that workers back in 1914 would have used, too. It was pretty dark in the tunnel, and we saw first hand how work was back then. We learned how drills and a mucking machine worked.

After that we went into Mill 3, a really large, industrial building, and we were amazed how tall it was inside. We watched a very interesting live presentation of how minerals were separated.

Our boys and my parents-in-law wanted to pan for gold, and so they already went there – and they were lucky, finding some minerals and even little flakes of gold.
In the mean time, Marcus and I explored the 1908 Machine Stop where we saw so many historic tools and equipment, like an ambulance car.
And I even squeezed into a tiny, I mean, really tiny man car. I could not believe that sixteen men were supposed to sit in that.

Then Marcus and I joined our group, panning for gold. Luckily for us, the water was heated, which made it easier to keep our hands in it. In the end, we found some minerals and two tiny flakes of gold, too. Yay!

A very relaxing day at Alice Lake

When Marcus and I went to Alice Lake about two months ago, we were hiking along a trail that let us explore all four lakes there, but as Ben and Tom love being near and in the water a lot, we just packed our picnic box, picnic blankets, swimming things for the boys, my Kindle and our cameras – and off we went to spend a relaxing day at the lake.

Luckily for us, there weren’t many people around so that we could choose a really nice spot to sit. Ben and Tom were very much interested in getting their own kayaks this time after having shared a canoe at Buntzen Lake some days ago. So they rented some kayaks, and immediately went kayaking in them.

After a while they came back – hungry, of course -, had some snacks, went swimming and diving in the water, came back for lunch, took their kayaks out again, came back for some food, went swimming again… They definitely didn’t get bored all day.

Shortly before going home, we even saw those cute Douglas squirrels. Especially one of them was very sneaky as it went into someone else’s bag, retrieved some food from there and sat on one of the benches to enjoy his stolen snack which must have been especially tasty, as the squirrel came back several times to get more of that.

As all of us had so much fun at Alice Lake, it will definitely be on our list of what to do with the boys next year.

(to be continued…)