So much to see…

… at the Vancouver Aquarium!

Today we had a closer look at the dwarf cuttlefish, spotted garden eels, seahorses, Schoona (the green sea turtle), a plumed basilisk, Jack and Daisy (the harbour porpoises) – and we had an amazing time there!

Surgeonfish and garden eels

A visit to the Tropical Zone of the Aquarium led us to these amazing fishes – the powderblue and spotted surgeonfishes. We saw a lot more, of course, but these two were the cooperative ones…

We also went over to the dwarf cuttlefish, the seahorses and the garden eels.
Both spotted and splendid garden eels were quite active today.

And then, on we went to…

(to be continued…)

At the Tropic Zone

The Tropic Zone was not too busy today, so that we could take some pictures while admiring most of the animals there.
But as soon as we started looking into the various habitats, more and more people did the same…

The first Super Saturday in 2014

On this Saturday we were visitors one and two at the Vancouver Aquarium when it opened for members at 8:30 am – does that surprise you?

Anyway, we headed straight on towards Jack and Daisy – and Daisy seemed to like the rain a lot, as she was jumping – yes jumping! – out of the water. We had never seen her do something like this before. This was so fascinating to watch!

Besides Jack and Daisy, we, of course, watched the special dive show in the Strait of Georgia habitat which was really good.

After that, among others, we also had a closer look at the spotted jellyfish, seahorses, dwarf cuttlefish, and garden eels.

We also spent some time watching Schoona, which is one of my favourites, and Walter, the recently rescued and rehabilitated sea otter, exploring his new home, grooming himself and eating loads of food.

The Steller sea lions were sitting on their platform, and being quite vocal, but they looked absolutely gorgeous with their brown colouration.

Back at Jack and Daisy’s we had some more fun interacting with Jack and Daisy. Well, Daisy was the porpoise coming to the underwater viewing area much more often than Jack.

Time flew by and we had to say goodbye to our favourite harbour porpoises…

By the way, we were the very last visitors to leave the building… What can we say – except that we always have so much fun there.