A snowy interlude

Today the snow made a short guest appearance in the morning, before the rain took over in the afternoon. Crazy weather, eh?

It is still snowing

As you can see in the pictures, the snow is still there…¬†We even have a snowfall warning for today. But still, the snow will not last very long – and tomorrow the sun will (hopefully) shine!

Snow – day 2

Well, apparently winter is not over yet as it is still snowing.

Good for us that we do not have to leave our apartment and can enjoy the snowy view from here…

A sunny Burnaby day

Those snow covered mountains look really beautiful – from afar. I am so glad that we do not have any snow here…

It snowed!

When we woke up, everything outside was white. I had to take some pictures as we do not get snow around here very often – which is a good thing, as I do not really like cold weather.

It looks beautiful from inside our warm apartment, and fortunately for us, we did not need to go outside today.