We went to Lynn Canyon Park and its suspension bridge…

Lynn Canyon Park is just a 20 minute drive from home, but we have to drive through three cities: Burnaby, Vancouver and North Vancouver – via the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing.
I love bridges and boardwalks, and as Lynn Canyon Park offers both, this destination was the perfect spot to go to. We went relatively early to avoid the crowd as Lynn Canyon Park is quite a popular spot among the locals.

First of all, we walked across the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge which is about 50 metres above the creek flowing underneath it. We then went along this beautiful trail leading to the 30 Foot Pool, admiring the untouched nature surrounding us. I so love these moss covered trees which always remind me that we are indeed living in the temperate rainforest – not that the amount of rain is any sign at all…

Anyway, on our way back we just passed the suspension bridge, went along a boardwalk (I also love those!) and continued our way until we came to the Twin Falls, two beautiful waterfalls which can best be seen from the little wooden bridge crossing the canyon.
And doesn’t it look like as if the sun was pointing out that there seemed to be a rather grim looking face on the rocks just below this bridge?! Strange, eh?

Our way back led us to climb a couple of stairs (more than 200) which was quite an uphill hike. But it was definitely worth it – and besides, we knew that before!
We will be back once our boys are here this summer!

Vancouver Aquarium, Lost Lagoon and Burnaby sunset

The last day of May promised to be as sunny as a summer’s day – and is there any better way than to spend it at the Vancouver Aquarium?! – So that we did.

On our way there, at Devonian Harbour Park, we saw a Canada geese family with lots of goslings swimming happily together.

Once inside the Vancouver Aquarium, we made a beeline to Jack and Daisy’s habitat, only to see that now there were six female fur seals in. I had never seen any of those before, and they were fun to watch, too.
Jack and Daisy were still in the little dolphin habitat. But the good thing for us was to be able to see them interact with their trainers during one of their training sessions. Jack seemed to respond more to them than Daisy did.
We then walked over to the Steller sea lions and harbour seals to watch an interesting training session with them as well. Vancouver Aquarium interpreter Lauren and both marine mammal trainers Anna and Leonora made this experience very special.
It was the first time that we actually saw all four female Steller sea lions together with their male colleagues, the three harbour seals.
And then it was time to see the dolphins in action. Once again, Lauren very enthusiastically led the audience through the dolphin show in which Hana and Helen had fun interacting with their trainers Anna and Leonora.
When we went to see Elfin, Tanu and Katmai, they all seemed to have a very relaxing day.
Time is always flying by when being at the Vancouver Aquarium, and as it was nearly time to leave, we quickly headed towards Schoona’s habitat which she shares with lots of fish, some sharks and rays. So one of her co-inhabitants is often swimming in front of the lens and trying to sneak into the picture…

Then it was time to say good-bye to all the animals, but surprisingly we saw quite a few different animals on our way home, too.
In Stanley Park, there was this black squirrel sitting in the grass and climbing a tree later, and some turtles were swimming in the Lost Lagoon. There we also saw those huge berries which looked like raspberries, but I looked them up and found out that these are edible salmonberries.
At Devonian Harbour Park we did not only see two geese families, and one of them had twelve (!) goslings, but also some birds. There were a house sparrow, a male red-winged blackbird and a female Red-shafted Northern Flicker. Did you know that these Northern Flickers are the only woodpeckers that frequently feed on the ground? Interesting, eh?
At Cardero Park we also saw a Common Starling, and a bit further away, near the Marina, there was a single duck swimming with its duckling.

Back home in Burnaby, we had a beautiful sunset with great clouds. What a fantastic ending of such an amazing day!