We’ve been to O.W.L.

Together with Leanne (Susannah had to work and, unfortunately, couldn’t make it) we went to Delta where O.W.L.’s Annual Summer Open House invited everybody interested in their facilities and work. O.W.L. (Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society) specializes in birds of prey, also known as raptors, and Leanne loves owls; so this was the perfect place to finally see some of them. Even the weather showed its sunny side so that we had a great time exploring all the facilities there.

We first of all had a look at the birds, living permanently there, among them bald and golden eagles, hawks, falcons, and owls (!), before getting to know O.W.L.’s facilities.
My favourite ones definitely were the snowy owls, especially Piggy who made different faces.

Norm and his helicopter were present, too, as he helps a lot in rescuing animals not only for O.W.L. but also for the Vancouver Aquarium.

At 1 pm it was time to see two juvenile bald eagles being released by founding director Bev Day and her husband. That was really exciting!

After having had some (late) lunch, we all wanted to have another closer look at those cute snowy owls before going home again.

Back in Vancouver, we said goodbye to Leanne and were on our way home to Burnaby when we spontaneously decided to head back to the Vancouver Aquarium for an hour or two before closing time…

(to be continued…)