We had a fantastic time at Porteau Cove Provincial Park

We actually wanted to go to Whytecliff Park in North Vancouver, but our navigation system somehow misled us and proposed a u-turn near Porteau Cove. So instead of following its instructions, we spontaneously decided to go ahead and stay at Porteau Cove.

Once there, we found one of the rare parking spots left, took our backpacks and started exploring the area a bit. Surprisingly enough, there were not many people walking along its rocky beach, so that we nearly had it for ourselves. Ben and Tom had a good time there, playing in and at the water, and they liked climbing that dead tree lying on the beach. I had to follow them, of course, to get some great pictures. I am still fascinated by the natural beauty there: the rocky coastline looking over Howe Sound to the mountains beyond. And look, some of those mountains still had some snow!

Anyway, we followed the coastline until we came to a little lagoon at the end of Porteau Cove’s campsite where our boys had some more fun playing in the water.

After having spent several hours there, we headed towards the pier again, got into the car, went along the Sea to Sky Highway (yay!) and headed towards Vancouver where we wanted to say hi to Jack.

(to be continued…)