Porpoises, a turtle and an octopus

Marcus spent some time at the Vancouver Aquarium today where he got some pretty good pictures of Jack and Daisy, the two harbour porpoises, the pig-nosed turtle, and the giant Pacific octopus!

A pig-nosed turtle and two harbour porpoises

As I was working, Marcus explored the various galleries at the Vancouver Aquarium.
He spent most of the time, however, with Miss Piggy, as we lovingly call the pig-nosed turtle, and with Jack and Daisy, the two amazing harbour porpoises.

We had a great time at the Vancouver Aquarium

During our visit at the Vancouver Aquarium we saw lots and lots of animals, among them turtles, piranhas, frogs, axolotls, sloths, butterflies – and of course, the harbour porpoises.

We definitely had a fantastic time – and will be back soon, probably very soon…