A walk along the river Arun in Arundel

Today we went along the Arun river banks in a nice town not far away from us called Arundel. It is known for its medieval castle which we could view from afar.

The cows we had to go by were not behind any fence, but fortunately for us, they were just lying in the grass. We also saw something white moving in the meadows until we noticed that those were some swans. Later on we could also watch a pheasant which are pretty common here by the way – and you have to be careful when driving as they will cross the street unexpectedly.

After having finished our (geocaching) tour we went into the town Arundel to have a closer look at its buildings, and we found a church which had palm trees in its garden. Although those palm trees are quite common in Littlehampton, too, they looked kind of weird in a church yard.