We went to Alouette Lake

Well, we thought that staying at a lake would be a much better idea than staying in our apartment, especially in this hot weather Рand so we set off to Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Provincial Park.

Once we were there, we found a nice picnic table in the shade with a fabulous view of the lake on one side – and trees on the other. I especially love those moss-covered trees.

Together with our boys, we explored the lake a bit, went swimming in the lake, and saw the Alouette Dam.
We also saw some wildlife: several Canada geese, five Steller’s jays and three chipmunks. Yay!

This day at Alouette Lake was a great one!

We went to Lynn Canyon Park and its suspension bridge…

Lynn Canyon Park is just a 20 minute drive from home, but we have to drive through three cities: Burnaby, Vancouver and North Vancouver – via the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing.
I love bridges and boardwalks, and as Lynn Canyon Park offers both, this destination was the perfect spot to go to. We went relatively early to avoid the crowd as Lynn Canyon Park is quite a popular spot among the locals.

First of all, we walked across the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge which is about 50 metres above the creek flowing underneath it. We then went along this beautiful trail leading to the 30 Foot Pool, admiring the untouched nature surrounding us. I so love these moss covered trees which always remind me that we are indeed living in the temperate rainforest – not that the amount of rain is any sign at all…

Anyway, on our way back we just passed the suspension bridge, went along a boardwalk (I also love those!) and continued our way until we came to the Twin Falls, two beautiful waterfalls which can best be seen from the little wooden bridge crossing the canyon.
And doesn’t it look like as if the sun was pointing out that there seemed to be a rather grim looking face on the rocks just below this bridge?! Strange, eh?

Our way back led us to climb a couple of stairs (more than 200) which was quite an uphill hike. But it was definitely worth it – and besides, we knew that before!
We will be back once our boys are here this summer!