Short stop at Whytecliff Park

On our way back driving along the Sea to Sky Highway, we just had to stop at Whytecliff Park to relax a little, maybe see some wildlife and definitely enjoy a gorgeous sunset. And that is all we did!

What an amazing way to end this beautiful day!

We saw Venus

There was this one very bright spot in the sky tonight – and Marcus found out that it was Venus we could see. Pretty incredible!

A rainy Burnaby night

It was raining all day long but as we had to work, it did not really matter. Besides, we still prefer rain rather than snow.

But especially at night, rain lets all the lights sparkle, and the reflections give the whole view a really nice glow.

I just love the view from our home – no matter if it is raining, if the sun is shining, or if the clouds are drifting through the sky.

A fantastic moon over Burnaby

When we came back from the Vancouver Aquarium, we could see this beautiful moon which seemed to be quite close today. Stunning, eh?

A foggy night

We had just finished working and wanted to go to bed when we saw this great spectacle of nature. So this is what Burnaby looks like in the fog after midnight. Cool, eh?

Harbour porpoises and an axolotl

Today we went to see the harbour porpoises Jack and Daisy, and the axolotl – and both were quite active. Jack and Daisy were playing with their toys, and the axolotl was swimming in his habitat which I had never seen before as it is usually well hidden.

On our way home I saw Lions Gate Bridge with its ‘necklace’, and I had to take a picture as I like it a lot.

Waiting for the sun to set

After having said goodbye to my in-laws, Marcus and I headed towards Stanley Park’s seawall to take some pictures of Lions Gate Bridge in the setting sun.

While waiting for that to happen, we observed several seagulls and a even duck. A bit later a blue heron came by, too, sat on the seawall, and kept us company.

As is became colder and colder, we just kept walking along the seawall, and took some pictures of the girl in a wetsuit statue – with and without the additional seagull on top of it -, and the empress of japan figurehead while watching the sun set. The houses in North Vancouver and the Lions Gate Bridge had some stunning reflections of the setting sun.

We even waited until it became a bit darker to have an early night picture of Lions Gate Bridge.
I love the bridge day and night, and I try to drive across it whenever possible. It looks especially lovely with its LED lights on.

Anyway, after having spent quite a while at Stanley Park’s seawall, we headed home – via Lions Gate Bridge! – to have a nice hot cup of tea.