First, Lynn Canyon Park

Today we took Marcus’s parents to Lynn Canyon Park, a popular destination among locals and tourists. The 101 year old park (it opened in 1912) offers great hiking opportunities along its several trails where you can see a lot of 80 to 100 year old trees.

First of, all we crossed the suspension bridge which is about 50 metres above Lynn Creek and offers fantastic views of the creek and its surrounding nature.
From there we turned left to have a leisurely walk to the 30 foot pool. In summer there will always be people swimming in the water but this time, only a dog had some fun in the cold water. To enjoy the natural beauty there, we sat on the bench overlooking the pool and had a light lunch before making our way back towards the suspension bridge.

Once there, we did not cross the bridge but went straight on towards the Twin Falls bridge to admire the view of the waterfall.
The way back up to the parking lot was quite steep – about 200 steps… Surprisingly enough, it was much easier than in summer.

As it was only early afternoon, we decided to pay the Vancouver Aquarium a visit…

(to be continued…)

A leisurely walk around Sasamat Lake

The weather was really nice today – warm and sunny, so that we picked up Marcus’s parents to show them Sasamat Lake. It is an easy walk around the lake, and we took our time doing so, admiring the different views in between.

Except for the beauty of nature, the wildlife and quiet there, I cannot resist any floatwalk or boardwalk – and yes, Sasamat Lake has a few of those, too. Lucky me!

After our little hike, we sat at one of the many picnic tables – in the sun – and had a wonderful late lunch before heading back to Vancouver / Burnaby.

Our wedding anniversary day

For our wedding anniversary we headed to Birchwalks Wood to enjoy a quiet and relaxing day walking through the woods. Back home, a stunning sunset was waiting for us.