Goodbye Littlehampton!

Although the pictures clearly say ‘Welcome to Littlehampton’ these are our last days here in this lovely town and we have to say goodbye. Nevertheless, we had a wonderful time in this pretty seaside town where we also met some great people.

An afternoon at Littlehampton’s beach

Together with our boys and my parents-in-law we walked to the seafront and enjoyed a leisurely walk at the beach. We all had a great time there – and worked up an appetite for doughnuts which were waiting for us back home as a special treat.

Another walk to Littlehampton’s west beach

All the times we went to the west beach, we did so by car, but this time we walked across the pedestrians only bridge to get there – which was quite a walk from where we live.

From the bridge we had a great view of Littlehampton and the river Arun – so it was definitely worth it.

Once we had crossed the bridge and were on our way to the west beach, we walked across a ship wreck which we could clearly see as it was low tide.

And we found some geocaches on our tour, of course!


An afternoon walk to Rustington

We headed out to Rustington, a small town very close to Littlehampton and chose the way along the beach to get most out of the walk. And we found some geocaches on our way, too – but that was planned, of course!

Back to Climping

Now that we know what fun geocaching is, we wanted to get some more geocaches from the series we were accidentally doing some days ago. So we prepared for a longer walk from Littlehampton to Climping and back while searching for geocaches – and we had a lot of fun doing so while admiring the beauty of nature around us!

At the beach – again

Once again we headed to the beach where our boys collected some shells and took pictures like Marcus and I did. They also had a lot of fun trying to sit on all the different spots of Littlehampton longest bench.

A walk at the west side of Littlehampton’s coastline

We started our walking tour at Littlehampton’s west beach from where we had a great view of the river Arun and the east beach where we usually like to walk along.

At the west side , however, the sea was much rougher, and we saw much higher waves than on the east side. The interesting part was that this side has dunes, and so we could walk among them.

On our way back we also discovered some ruins from where we had a great view of Littlehampton.

All in all, we spent a great day with our boys – and will definitely back when it’s a bit warmer!