An amazing hike over the Junipers and Box Hill

First of all, we really had a really great time doing this circular route, although it was very exhausting at times, too, especially as we missed one special turning point and had to head back to the original one – and I absolutely wanted to take the planned route in order to get all the geocaches placed there.

As this was a pre-planned geocaching tour, we came well-prepared with all the puzzle caches solved already and only to be found now. Besides the traditional caches, there also were some letterboxes and great multi-caches – and we found each single one of the various kinds of caches! Yay!

Anyway, on this route there were some steady climbs to be managed – and as we probably couldn’t get enough, we decided to additionally tackle a fairly steep walk near to Box Hill which led us to Broadwood’s Folly, built in around 1820. Once there, we said that this climb had definitely been worth it! Not only could we admire Broadwood’s Folly with the tree having grown inside of it but we also had a spectacular view over the Surrey countryside. And we saw what distances we had overcome to get to this point. Well, we had to get down there again…

Just as an interesting side note, Box Hill is a summit of the North Downs in Surrey, and the 2012 Summer Olympics cycling road race included loops around Box Hill.