Daisy and Jack!

Should I say more? These are Daisy and Jack, two beautiful harbour porpoises.
They are always great lunch buddies – like today.

Daisy and Jack at the Vancouver Aquarium
Daisy and Jack at the Vancouver Aquarium

Lunch time with a porpoise

It is always very relaxing to spend a few minutes watching Jack and Daisy during my lunch break. I am so lucky that I get to see them so often!

Harbour porpoise Jack at the Vancouver Aquarium
Harbour porpoise Jack at the Vancouver Aquarium

Half an hour with Jack and Daisy

I spent about half an hour watching the harbour porpoises Jack and Daisy as well as the beluga whales Aurora and Qila today.
Very relaxing indeed.


Lunch buddies

Today I had lunch with Aurora, Qila, Jack and Daisy.
Although I have spent so much time with all of these amazing beluga whales and harbour porpoises I never tire of seeing them over and over again.

Lunch time with Daisy and Jack

I love spending my lunch time with these two harbour porpoises, and I never get tired watching Jack and Daisy.

Lunch time with Jack and Ani

What better way to spend my lunch break with these two amazing animals coming to the underwater viewing windows, too!

Jack, Daisy, Elfin

Marcus got to spend some time with Jack and Daisy today, and especially Daisy came to the underwater viewing windows a lot.

On his way out, Marcus saw Elfin having a little nap.

Such amazing cuties!

Porpoises, a turtle and an octopus

Marcus spent some time at the Vancouver Aquarium today where he got some pretty good pictures of Jack and Daisy, the two harbour porpoises, the pig-nosed turtle, and the giant Pacific octopus!