Back to Pulborough Brooks

As we tremendously enjoyed the walk around Pulborough Brooks, and as there were such amazing geocaches hidden, we took our boys and my mother-in-law on this special walking route – and they all liked it a lot. We let our boys search for all the caches, and with some hints from us (only sometimes) they had them in their hands.

This time the Highland cattle were even closer to us and so we took the opportunity to take some close-up pictures.

All in all a very great day out!

A wonderful geocaching and hiking tour through Pulborough Brooks

The drive to Pulborough Brooks took us only about half an hour, and this destination was so worth it!

We had a fantastic hike through Pulborough Brooks and found some amazing geocaches there we had never seen before. In addition to the beautiful nature, we could see those beautiful Highland cattle which were grazing among the trees.