Harbour seals and harbour porpoises at Whytecliff Park

After several rainy days (and more to come) we had a day with near sunshine so that we headed towards Whytecliff Park to have a leisurely stroll there.
As it was nearly high tide, we could not reach Whyte Islet – which I had never climbed before. Maybe next time…
Anyway, a seagull seemed to be guarding the way – and it was looking towards us.

We also managed to find one geocache, a puzzle. Yay!

But the most exciting experience was that we saw harbour seals, and three harbour porpoises – two swimming together and a single one. That was so amazing as we had never seen a harbour porpoise in the wild before.

We definitely have to come back to see more wildlife there!

Stanley Park and Vancouver Aquarium – a great mix

Today we went to Stanley Park, because Tom wanted to see the totem poles there, and we actually squeezed some geocaching in so that we all had more fun on the way there.

Once there, we were surprised that only a few people were strolling around the totem poles which gave us the rare opportunity (at least during summer time) to get some pictures without having tons of people in them.
From there we also had a great look at Lions Gate Bridge and Brockton Point.

After having had some lunch, our boys discovered a tree they could climb on, and on which they could put some of their new-found energy to use.

In order to avoid the sun when walking along the seawall, we choose a trail we had never walked before, that let us through the forest of Stanley Park. Really nice!
Well, we ended up near the Aquarium and decided to go into it to have some more fun.

We came on time for the penguin walk where one of the penguins seemed to have a look into the beluga habitat. Maybe one of the beluga whales there was watching her, too?

Anyway, we spent some time with Jack, watched a show with Hana and Helen, and returned to the B.C. Sugar Pool, where even Daisy came to the underwater viewing area posing for pictures. Those two harbour porpoises are super cute!

After that we saw a sleepy Elfin having a nap, and headed into the main building to get some more pictures for the jellyfish photo competition.

We all felt that the day was over in next to no time, but nevertheless, it was a really great day.

A walk to Beecher Park

Today we enjoyed a little afternoon walk along Beecher Creek to Beecher Park – in the sunshine! On our way there we saw lots of new leaves, a little daisy and a male Downy Woodpecker. To top the day off, we also found the only geocache on this tour.

Spring has come to the VanDusen

Just some hours after the Pineapple Express, everything was calm again and the sun came out. Therefore we headed to the VanDusen Botanical Garden to enjoy some sunshine while exploring the garden. And we weren’t disappointed! We saw snowdrops, crocuses and spring snowflakes. Even some rhododendrons had opened their buds – and it’s only the beginning of March!

We also went to the maze and found the way to the monkey tree in the middle of it. This was fun! After the maze we just sat on a bench, had lunch, relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine.

By the way, we also saw some bald eagles flying high above us, two Canada geese having lunch, too, and some squirrels – probably on the search for some lunch…

We had a fantastic day – and as a special bonus, we also found the geocache in the botanical garden.

We had a fantastic day at the Vancouver Aquarium

Although it was a Tuesday, we saw ourselves leaving our apartment, well, not voluntarily really, but we had to go as there was a planned power shut off in the whole building. And where do we usually go when we have a day to spend somewhere, especially one that promised rain? Yes, of course, we went to the Vancouver Aquarium!

When we arrived at Stanley Park, it still was a bit too early for the Aquarium to be open. Therefore we did some geocaching near the Aquarium and walked around it to keep us warm.  While doing so, we found the polar bear habitat of the former Stanley Park Zoo. Until yesterday I didn’t even know that Vancouver had a zoo – and I had to look it up. Anyway, fortunately for us, the rain held back until we actually went into the Aquarium.

This time we had a much closer look at the frog exhibit and found some amazing species there. Have you ever heard of an axolotl? They look so cute – and doesn’t the darker one look like Toothless from ‘How to Train your Dragon’? We also saw some seahorses and a little shark already moving within its egg case – that was really exciting! When we went to see Hana and Helen from the underwater perspective, Hana came by twice and talked to us – so it seemed – as we heard noises from her. I have never heard her vocalising something except when her trainers ask her to do so – so that was really unbelievable!

Somehow it was the day of wonders. When we went to see Jack and Daisy, Jack wasn’t really interested in coming down to the visitors, something that he does regularly, but Daisy was very active – for the first time, at least for us – and came down to us to pose in front of our cameras. She really liked Marcus’s big camera and always wanted to have her picture taken – so she presented herself in different poses. That was so cute! I alone took nearly 200 pictures of her. As you can imagine, we spent hours there…

That was such an amazing day at the Vancouver Aquarium – and we didn’t even mind the rain when we walked back to our car to get home again.

Back to Lighthouse Park

The weather felt like spring today so that we – once again – headed to Lighthouse Park to have a look at the other side of the park and to enjoy the beauty of it – and to pick up some geocaches, of course.

This time we started our little hike not far from our parking spot and just walked along another trail to get to the other side of the park. And wow, I still love these fantastic trails that are so natural and rustic. One of them led us to Juniper Point from where we had a stunning view of Bowen Island. We also stopped at Shore Pine Point from where we could also see Bowen Island – just from another angle. And we observed loads of seagulls grabbing their lunches (which looked like sea stars from afar).

There are still some more trails to explore (and geocaches to be found), so that we will definitely back here.

A visit to Lighthouse Park

Seizing the most of the first rays of sunshine we made our way to West Vancouver to explore Lighthouse Park a bit and to find some geocaches hidden there.

Once there, we had a problem finding a parking spot as probably everybody else had the same idea trying to get some sun. Anyway, having put on our hiking shoes, we chose a trail not far away from the gate to start our little adventure – and what beautiful, rustic trails there were and such untouched nature!

From Eagle Point we had a fantastic view of Vancouver and the Lions Gate Bridge. And then later on, of course, we could see the lighthouse from different angles.

All in all a beautiful day in Lighthouse Park – and yes, we also did find some geocaches! We will definitely back to explore the other half of the park next time.

Panorama view from Eagle Point at Lighthouse Park
Panorama view from Eagle Point at Lighthouse Park

Impressions of Cates Park and Sunset in Burnaby

I just wanted to add some more pictures to Marcus’s post about our walking tour around Cates Park earlier today which we enjoyed very much, especially as the sun was shining on an otherwise rather cold day.

On our walk we saw a squirrel sunbathing – the perfect opportunity to take a picture! Of course, we saw seagulls and ducks as well.

Back home we had a nice hot cuppa and enjoyed the sunset from our couch.

We have been to Sasamat Lake

Even if it was quite foggy when we got up, we headed to Sasamat Lake as the forecast didn’t predict any rain. It was still foggy when we arrived – but nevertheless really beautiful.

Actually, we weren’t the only ones there enjoying the lake – and that we did! We walked around the whole lake, stopping once in a while to take pictures and grab some geocaches. We also had a slight detour to get one geocache – and what an uphill hike that was!

Have I mentioned already that I love boardwalks? No matter how small they are, I am always happy to come across one. And luckily for me, Sasamat Lake has got some!

We have to come back in warmer weather to maybe even go into the lake – at least with our feet…


Sasamat Lake panorama
Sasamat Lake panorama
Another Sasamat Lake panorama
Another Sasamat Lake panorama
And a third one
And a third one!