… sharks, garden eels, butterflies, caimans, an arapaima, frogs, axolotls…

Well, there was still so much to see, and we explored all the galleries inside the Aquarium’s main building where we saw so many different species.

I am a huge fan of the tasselled wobbegong, one of my favourite sharks; I love the garden eels, but most of all, I simply cannot get enough of these cute little axolotls.

Anyway, in the tropical zone we saw lots of butterflies, birds, tortoises (my favourites there) and even a sloth napping (what else?!) high up in one of the trees.

And just look at this huge fish, the arapaima, which is one of largest freshwater fish in the world. Impressive, eh?

We then headed outside again to watch another species living at the Vancouver Aquarium…

(to be continued…)