Celebration of Light – USA

Although we did not attend the event in Vancouver itself, we had a really good view from our apartment some kilometres away.
Some of the fireworks looked like beautiful flowers somehow.

Celebration of Light – Canada

Canada was the second country presenting a spectacular fireworks show during this year’s celebration of light, taking place in Vancouver. And we had the chance to watch part of it from our balcony in Burnaby. Fantastic, eh?

By the way, Canada won the 2013 celebration of light. Yay!

Celebration of Light – United Kingdom

The Celebration of Light, held in Vancouver, is the largest offshore fireworks competition in the world. Each evening (there are three fireworks shows each summer) up to 400,000 spectators gather along English Bay to watch this great spectacle.

So at 10 pm when the fireworks started, we stood on our balcony (in Burnaby) and watched glimpses of this fireworks show (in Vancouver). Although we couldn’t see everything, it was spectacular nonetheless.