A leisurely day at Sasamat Lake

Today we spent a fantastic day at Sasamat Lake, sitting on the beach, swimming in the lake, reading, playing, talking – having lots of fun.

We also saw some Canada geese swimming on the lake and walking along the beach.

A hike around Sasamat Lake

As it promised to be a warm summer day today, we made our way to Sasamat Lake, which is only about a 30 minute drive from us.

When we arrived, we noticed that lots of other locals had had the same idea, as White Pine Beach and all other places around were packed with people, having brought everything for a whole day’s outing, including barbecues of all sizes.
Anyway, we still found a nice spot in the shade, and our boys couldn’t wait to jump into the water which was quite warm actually.

After having had some lunch, we went for a little hike around Sasamat Lake which was really nice, especially as most of the trail leads through the forest, is in the shade, and gives you spectacular views of the lake. On our hike, we also saw some Canada geese swimming on the lake, and some beautiful yellow water lilies that were frequently visited by blue damselflies. We even found some geocaches, but had to be very careful, because, surprisingly enough, quite a few people enjoyed the same hike that we did.

Although we enjoyed the swim (our boys) and the hike (all of us) there a lot, we didn’t stay too long and headed back home where Ben and Tom enjoyed swimming in the pool for hours…