An afternoon at Littlehampton’s beach

Together with our boys and my parents-in-law we walked to the seafront and enjoyed a leisurely walk at the beach. We all had a great time there – and worked up an appetite for doughnuts which were waiting for us back home as a special treat.

Another evening at Littlehampton beach

We walked along the beach once more, saw the sea at low tide, admired the beach huts, especially the yellow ones (aren’t they great?) and spotted some wonderful looking plant with yellow flowers. (I have to admit I had to look it up – it’s a yellow horned poppy which is toxic!)

And then the sun set and the whole beach was bathed in a glowing reddish light – that was most beautiful!

A stroll along the beach

Each visit to the beach is special – and there is always so much to see although it is always the same spot.

Although people have different opinions about Littlehampton longest bench, I really love it. It is a nice place to sit and read or have a snack or simply sit there and watch the sea.

I love all those beach huts, too, and so do all the seagulls which are constantly having meetings there.

And don’t forget those magnificent sunsets at the seafront which we could experience once more.


Evening walk at Littlehampton beach

As we don’t live far away from the beach, we can easily walk there – and that we did to have a quiet and relaxing evening.

The waves were a bit higher than we had seen before but impressive though. Seagulls of various ages were everywhere, of course, – and some even sat in front of those colourful beach huts I like so much.

And then the sunset… Isn’t that something you can look at all the time?

By the way, the strange thing you can see in one of the sunset pictures belongs to Littlehampton longest bench.