Sunrise over Burnaby

Although Mount Baker is situated in the State of Washington, USA (another country!), we can often see this beautiful active (!) volcano from our balcony – like this morning.

It is one of the most heavily glaciated volcanoes in the Cascade range volcanoes – and we can see it by just looking out of the window. Amazing, eh?

We saw Venus

There was this one very bright spot in the sky tonight – and Marcus found out that it was Venus we could see. Pretty incredible!

Last rays of sunshine

What a beautiful sunset at the end of a gorgeous sunny day!

A rainy Burnaby night

It was raining all day long but as we had to work, it did not really matter. Besides, we still prefer rain rather than snow.

But especially at night, rain lets all the lights sparkle, and the reflections give the whole view a really nice glow.

I just love the view from our home – no matter if it is raining, if the sun is shining, or if the clouds are drifting through the sky.

Celebration of Light – USA

Although we did not attend the event in Vancouver itself, we had a really good view from our apartment some kilometres away.
Some of the fireworks looked like beautiful flowers somehow.

An incredible sunset

After dinner I wanted to return to my desk when I suddenly saw this beautiful sunset, and my imagination went crazy… Do you also see a bear and her cub?

A beautiful sunset in Burnaby - looks like a bear and her cub
A beautiful sunset in Burnaby – looks like a bear and her cub