Daisy and Jack!

Should I say more? These are Daisy and Jack, two beautiful harbour porpoises.
They are always great lunch buddies – like today.

Daisy and Jack at the Vancouver Aquarium
Daisy and Jack at the Vancouver Aquarium


I might be a bit biased but isn’t Elfin the cutest sea otter?
It is always lovely to see him during my lunch break.

A sleepy Elfin at the Vancouver Aquarium
A sleepy Elfin at the Vancouver Aquarium

Whytecliff Park in the early evening

Where else to spend a great relaxing evening than in Whytecliff Park?!

We also always get to see some animals as an added bonus.
This time there were harbour seals, harbour porpoises, a bald eagle, a blue heron, and various smaller birds. I even saw a little snake.

Of course, great clouds, a beautiful sunset, and the moon make everything even better!

Early morning visit at Whytecliff Park

With the possibility of rain forecast for later in the morning, we went to Whytecliff Park really, and I mean, really early in the morning where we were the only visitors.

It was amazingly quiet and peaceful. Hardly any boats were on the water, and we could enjoy all the wildlife around us.

We saw the usual birds – crows, white-crowned sparrows, hummingbirds – but also a male adult band-tailed pigeon.
And we spotted harbour porpoises and harbour seals, too. One of the seals was so close to shore and kept looking at us all the time.

Various animals at Whytecliff Park

We spent some very relaxing hours at Whytecliff Park today – and we saw so many animals!

There was this little jewel beetle that landed on Marcus’s pants.
Then we saw all the busy bees and bumblebees, watched cormorants, crows, spotted towhees, white-crowned sparrows, crows, a blue heron, bald eagles, harbour seals…
We never had a dull moment.

Nature also showed us some gorgeous clouds, strong waves, and a beautiful sunset.

Mini stop at Whytecliff Park

On this grey day we enjoyed some quiet day at Whytecliff Park before heavy rain set in and made us leave earlier than wanted.

However, seeing a juvenile bald eagle, some harbour seals and harbour porpoises made our day!

Birds, seals and porpoises

We spent another beautiful late afternoon/evening at Whytecliff Park today where we saw a male surf scoter which is a large sea duck swimming right in front of us.

The usual harbour seals were there as well as a bald eagle sitting at his favourite spot.
And we spotted some harbour porpoises, too, before the amazing sunset sent us home again.

Fur seals and harbour porpoises

I spent today’s lunch hour watching both Northern fur seals and harbour porpoises, and time flew by so quickly!

Porpoises and sunset

In the afternoon we made our way to Whytecliff Park again. The sun was shining, a light breeze was blowing – so perfect to spend some time there.

Of course, we wanted to see if there were harbour porpoises around – and yes, we saw a few!
And we also had a beautiful sunset over ‘porpoise mountain’.

Lunch time with a porpoise

It is always very relaxing to spend a few minutes watching Jack and Daisy during my lunch break. I am so lucky that I get to see them so often!

Harbour porpoise Jack at the Vancouver Aquarium
Harbour porpoise Jack at the Vancouver Aquarium