Whytecliff Park – here we come again

The weather looked promising, there was hardly any wind predicted, and we needed a well-deserved break.
So we decided to pay Whytecliff Park yet another visit – and we were so lucky to see four harbour porpoises once again, probably foraging as they were constantly changing directions.

The interesting part was that we saw one harbour porpoise leaping out of the water (again!).
So fascinating!

A sunny afternoon at Whytecliff Park

The sun was shining; we definitely needed some time off, and so we went to Whytecliff Park in the hope to see some harbour porpoises – or at least one.

Well, we did not see a single one but we saw lots of harbour seals, popping their heads out of the water.
And we saw several birds flying by.

The most amazing bird we saw, however, was a tiny Anna’s hummingbird sitting on a tree.
I felt extremely lucky to get a picture of this little one. And then the sun shone directly onto it, and its head and throat turned into a bright red. I could not believe my eyes. Just gorgeous!