We saw Bryan Adams live!

What a great start of the year!
On his Reckless Tour, his 30th Anniversary Tour, Bryan Adams gave a concert in Vancouver, and we just had to go and watch him live!

The stadium was packed; every single seat was occupied – but not for long, as everyone was on their feet singing along.

It was a fantastic concert, and oh boy, can he sing!
We will absolutely be back once he returns to Vancouver.


Cheap gas prices

Well, this was the first time since we moved here that the amount we paid for gas was less than the amount of litres we had put into our car.

Jack, Daisy, Elfin

Marcus got to spend some time with Jack and Daisy today, and especially Daisy came to the underwater viewing windows a lot.

On his way out, Marcus saw Elfin having a little nap.

Such amazing cuties!

Enjoying an afternoon stroll at Barnet Marine Park

The weather was lovely today so that we decided to have a nice leisurely stroll at Barnet Marine Park.

There was low tide, and we could explore the other side of the park where we had never been before, which was pretty amazing.
It was really quiet and peaceful, and we enjoyed the various views around us.

Additionally, we saw two seals, some ducks and seagulls, and three bald eagles!

We had a most enjoyable time there, and we must find some time later this month to come back.

Porpoises, a turtle and an octopus

Marcus spent some time at the Vancouver Aquarium today where he got some pretty good pictures of Jack and Daisy, the two harbour porpoises, the pig-nosed turtle, and the giant Pacific octopus!

Happy New Year 2015!

What better way to spend New Year’s Day than with Jack and Daisy?!
Marcus was lucky to get some beautiful pictures of the two amazing harbour porpoises who were both coming to the windows a lot.