Two pretty girls

Today we needed some relaxation time, and so we went to…

the Vancouver Aquarium, of course (!), where we spent some time looking at the African penguins and having lots of fun with the harbour porpoises. Daisy especially came to the underwater viewing area a lot.

Full of energy we went home to get back to work.

Early morning fog

We got up quite early for our volunteer shifts at the Vancouver Aquarium – and got to see Burnaby still partly hidden in the morning fog. Pretty, eh?

Helen, Hana and Daisy

Marcus and I arrived in time for the last dolphin show of the day at the Vancouver Aquarium.
Although we have already seen the show countless times, it is always fascinating to watch Hana and Helen in action.

From there we went to see Jack and Daisy and spent the remaining hour with them.
Jack swam by to say hello but stayed in his corner most of the time, whereas Daisy seemed to be interested in all her visitors, and so  she came down to the underwater viewing windows a lot of times.

Elfin, Daisy and Jack

When we headed towards Jack and Daisy’s habitat at the Vancouver Aquarium, we saw Elfin looking through the glass door – waiting for someone?

Anyway, Jack and Daisy seemed to be in a good mood today and kept swimming together several times. This was so interesting to watch.
In between, Daisy also came down to check her visitors out, whereas Jack was too busy doing whatever he had to do.

We definitely had a great time with them.

It snowed!

When we woke up, everything outside was white. I had to take some pictures as we do not get snow around here very often – which is a good thing, as I do not really like cold weather.

It looks beautiful from inside our warm apartment, and fortunately for us, we did not need to go outside today.

Just some minutes with Daisy and Jack

After our volunteer shift at the Vancouver Aquarium we headed down the stairs to spend some time with our favourite harbour porpoises Jack and Daisy.

Jack swam by a lot of times, but he mostly stayed in his favourite corner. Daisy, however, was really curious and looked at Marcus’s phone.

As it was time to leave, both harbour porpoises were hovering near the underwater viewing window. That way, they could both see us while catching their breaths before coming down to say bye. They are so adorable!