A very short visit at the Vancouver Aquarium

It is Saturday, and we have to take some time off work. So what better place to go to than the Vancouver Aquarium?!

As this was only a short visit, we only went to see the harbour porpoises Jack and Daisy – of course! But we also said hi to the green sea turtle Schoona, and admired the clownfish in the habitat close by.

We definitely have to come back when we have got more time!

Two curious harbour porpoises

After our shift we went back to see Jack and Daisy who were very curious today, trying to get a closer look into our bags. Cute, eh?

Hana and Helen, Tanu and Katmai, Jack and Daisy

Today we managed to be on time to watch the last dolphin show of the day at the Vancouver Aquarium. We also observed Tanu and Katmai through the glass window, and spend some time with Jack and Daisy.

Some minutes with Jack and Daisy

Shortly before closing time at the Vancouver Aquarium, we headed towards Jack and Daisy’s habitat to spend some time with our favourite harbour porpoises there – and this was so worth it!

Seal release in Porteau Cove

Together with Dalila, we went to Porteau Cove early this morning to witness the release of seven rehabilitated harbour seals. We all were very excited to see the seal release live as we had never been to an event like that one before.

All seven harbour seals, five of them equipped with satellite transmitters, were sitting in their carriers, looking out of them with big eyes, and waiting for their big moment to be back in the wild again.

Then it was time to say goodbye to these little harbour seals who immediately went into the water. Most of them looked back; and some of them swam together a little bit before going their separate ways.

We wish you all the best for the new chapters in your lives!

Jack and Daisy’s play session

When we came to the harbour porpoise habitat, both Jack and Daisy had fun catching ice cubes during one of their play sessions. That was so interesting to watch!

Sea lions and dolphins

Today at the Vancouver Aquarium we saw Steller sea lions and Pacific white-sided dolphins leisurely swimming in their respective habitats. They all looked so relaxed…

(to be continued…)