Fourth, Lost Lagoon

As the evening was so pleasant, and it was still quite warm, we also walked to Lost Lagoon to enjoy some quiet and to watch the sun set there.

A swan came swimming towards us but as we had nothing interesting for it (feeding the wild animals is not good for them), it swam away after a while.

But the most exciting experience was still to happen…
When we were on our way back to our parking spot near the Aquarium, we suddenly saw a river otter emerge from the lake, explore the lakeside, and go back into the water again. We waited for a while, and indeed, just some minutes later, two river otters were coming out of Lost Lagoon again.
That was so fascinating, especially, as we had not seen those animals in the wild before.

Anyway, we sat on one of the benches and watched the beautiful natural spectacle of the setting sun over Lost Lagoon before finally going home again.

What a fantastic and eventful day!

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