Rainy day fun in Vancouver

Equipped with rain jackets, waterproof pants, rain boots, and warm socks, Marcus and I walked from the Aquarium to the Lost Lagoon for the Volunteer Services Cleanup as part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.

Surprisingly, despite the rain, quite a few people had shown up to help clean the Lost Lagoon area. After having treated ourselves to some delicious doughnut holes, we made our way around the Lost Lagoon, picking up litter in all forms and sizes; and we found way too many cigarette butts, even though smoking is prohibited throughout Stanley Park. Anyway, believe it or not, we had lots of fun in our group.

Later on, back at the Aquarium, we all had fun discussing the whole cleanup, pointing out the freakiest items we came across, all while having yummy snacks and pizzas together. There even was a prize draw (we didn’t win anything), but we got some great giveaways.

As we still had some time left, Marcus and I went into the Aquarium to unwind a bit after the cleanup – and to visit our favourite harbour porpoises, Jack and Daisy.

Jack swam along the underwater viewing area, spotted us, and repeatedly came to the underwater viewing windows to play with us. But he was also very much interested in the hydrophone in his habitat, he swam to from time to time, well, he liked to bite into it…

After a while, Daisy came down, too, and once again favourited Marcus’s camera.
Daisy is always so cute to watch when she is posing and looking into the camera lens.

So all in all, we had a wonderful day in Rain City, namely Vancouver, and we went back home with the feeling to have done something good for the oceans to save marine mammals like Jack and Daisy.

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