Jack and Daisy

We love Jack and Daisy, and so we spent more time with them than with the other animals at the Vancouver Aquarium – and both harbour porpoises were in a really good mood today.

Jack came down a lot, looking at and interacting with us. Sometimes he even had his mouth open (talking to us?), but as soon as we wanted to take a picture of it, he shut it immediately, probably because he couldn’t see our eyes any longer.

Daisy came down to the underwater viewing area, too, glancing at all the cameras and choosing the ones with the biggest lenses. So Marcus was always among the lucky ones as Daisy was often sticking to him, looking at herself in the lenses. And she is such a pretty lady!

Seeing Jack and Daisy interact and come down to their visitors was also great to experience!
But time flies by so quickly when spending it at Jack and Daisy’s…. After having said goodbye to them, we caught another glimpse of them from the top of their habitat and made our way to the exit.

As the day was really warm and pleasant, we decided to stay in Stanley Park for some more minutes before going home.

(to be continued…)

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