Our wedding anniversary with special guests Jack and Daisy

As last year, the weather was great, and we spent our wedding anniversary at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Naturally, our first steps led us to Jack and Daisy; and┬áJack was happy to see us – and so were we. Anyway, we had a fantastic time with him.

On we went to see Hana and Helen who were in the smaller pool of their habitat, swimming very leisurely and enjoying the sunshine. But when it was show time, they became very active and did a great job!

Back at Jack and Daisy’s habitat, Jack came to the underwater viewing area and showed me a leaf (a present?) several times. That was so cute although we had to spoil his fun (he doesn’t know) as we had to alert the trainers to remove the leaf out of the habitat.

We also went to see the harbour seals and Steller sea lions who were on land, having a nap, except for one of the girls who was looking around and scratching her face with one of her flippers. Cute, eh?

Then it was nearly time to leave the Aquarium, and so went made our way back to the B.C. Sugar Pool to say goodbye to Jack who, once again, brought us a leaf. Isn’t he adorable?
Even Daisy left her corner to say hi to us, but unfortunately, as the Aquarium was about to be closing, we had to say bye to Daisy and her younger fellow inhabitant.
Time flew by so quickly…

After leaving the Vancouver Aquarium, we didn’t head home but went to another place important to us on this special day…

(to be continued…)

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