… and off to the Aquarium for a change

… and, of course, we ended up at the Vancouver Aquarium. We made a beeline to Jack and Daisy’s habitat, the B.C. Sugar Pool, where we found Janel playing with Jack. It was really interesting to watch her interact with Jack.

Anyway, after having had a chat with her, we left Jack in her hands and went up to see Hana and Helen in their last show of the day. The StellerĀ sea lions next door were already half asleep.

Then it was back to Jack and Daisy again, and this time Jack came down to say hi to us – and he even brought Daisy with him. And just look, aren’t those two super cute? I cannot get enough of them…

Once outside the Aquarium, we sat on one of the benches nearby, enjoying a lovely summer evening – all while looking at the Jelly Invasion poster which reminded us that we definitely have to take some jellyfish pictures next time to take part in the photo competition.

Again, we had a most wonderful day in Vancouver – and we will definitely be back soon!

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