We saw KISS live!

KISS were playing the Rogers Arena in Vancouver — and we got to see them live, thanks to Dee (hi to Herne Bay, Kent, England!) who sponsored our tickets. Guests Shinedown did a great job, although they didn’t seem to impress the crowd quite that much. Perhaps mixing Shinedown and KISS wasn’t such a good idea, but we still really enjoyed their short set.

Considering that the venue wasn’t sold out (quite a few rows were left empty) the atmosphere was simply amazing from the moment KISS entered the stage. Their set included most of their classics, among some of the new tracks from “MONSTER”. The show was a giant (and not just musical) firework, with Gene Simmons swallowing fire and Paul Stanley swinging through the audience. The whole evening was magical, but, sadly, it was all over way too quickly…

The camera failed us with a discharged battery, but I took some pictures on my mobile phone…

(By the way, this was Christine’s first rock concert ever, and she absolutely loved it!)

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