Lynn Canyon Park – here we come

We’ve been to Lynn Canyon Park several times already, and we know that our boys love to wade in the creek there. Therefore, it was an easy decision to head towards the 30 Foot Pool as this is a safe spot to do exactly that.

We got up relatively early (not so popular with teenage boys), but we were rewarded with an empty parking lot (good for us) and a quiet park. Even at the 30 Foot Pool there was hardly anybody so that I could take pictures of its beauty without having random people in them – and our boys had fun exploring the area.

Inspired by an already existing inukshuk, Tom and Ben constructed one of their own.
After a while it became quite crowded, so that we decided to visit the Twin Falls (not so crowded there) before making our climb back to the parking lot.

As it was only early afternoon and we didn’t want to head back to our apartment, we went to the Vancouver Aquarium, one of our favourite spots.

(to be continued…)

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