Canada Day at the Vancouver Aquarium

Today is Canada Day – and we originally wanted to spend this special day on Canada Place, but as this day was predicted to be one of the hottest days, we changed plans and headed to a cooler place, the Vancouver Aquarium with its underwater viewing galleries.

Surprisingly enough, there were not too many visitors, mainly tourists as the locals celebrated at various other locations.

We went straight to Jack and Daisy’s habitat at the B.C. Sugar Pool where we did not have to wait long for Jack to come down to the underwater viewing area. We had lots of fun playing with Jack – and we even saw Daisy swimming forward a bit as she mostly prefers hanging around in her favourite corner.

After some time we went to Aurora and Qila’s habitat to watch the ‘Caring for Belugas’ show where Qila presented her belly to her trainer which represents an enormous amount of trust as she can neither see her trainer nor breathe during that time.

Then it was back to Jack and Daisy where we spent the majority of the remaining day at the Aquarium, playing with Jack. In between we even saw a training session where both Jack and Daisy interacted with their trainers Paula and Anna who had enrichment toys for the harbour porpoises. Shortly before we had to go home, even Daisy came down to the underwater viewing area, posing for some pictures while Jack was hovering behind her. Daisy is such a beautiful harbour porpoise whereas Jack is simply cute – and both are so adorable!

On our way to the exit of the Vancouver Aquarium, we saw Elfin holding a yellow ball in his paws and had to take some pictures. Isn’t he super cute?!

We then had a nice stroll through Stanley Park where we observed a raccoon with her four children trying to copy everything that their mum did. That was quite interesting to watch!

Anyway, we had a fantastic Canada Day!

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