It’s the Vancouver Aquarium again

Once again we took the SkyTrain to go to Burrard Station where a sea of cherry blossoms awaited us. From there we walked through Vancouver a bit and finally made it to Stanley Park’s seafront from where we had a great view of Coal Harbour, and later we even had a clear view of Canada Place’s sails and the Vancouver Convention Centre on whose ‘living roof’ native plants grow and bees have found a home. As a special bonus, we saw a blue heron nearby looking for food.

Inside the Aquarium we finally could get a glimpse at the new sea otter girl Katmai who was together with Tanu. Of course, we had to go down to say hi to both harbour porpoises Jack and Daisy – and after some waiting Jack came to the glass panel and played peek-a-boo with me. That was so cute! Then we continued to have a look at all the other animals indoors and outdoors, including the tasselled wobbegong.

After having spent some time at the Aquarium we headed back to Burrard SkyTrain Station via Devonian Harbour Park, Cardero Park and Harbour Green Park along the waterfront. At one point there was this interesting house, and from another point we could see the Harbour Centre with its Lookout Tower.

All in all, we had a most beautiful day together with our boys and will definitely be back soon.

From Springer Park to Beecher Park

Today we just had a little stroll to get some fresh air, and as a little natural oasis is very close by, we started at Springer Park where we enjoyed watching two squirrels playing with each other, walked along Beecher creek and headed towards Beecher Park.

We definitely enjoyed our little hiking experience along a nice little hiking path hidden among an urban residential area.

Gastown, Lost Lagoon and Second Beach

Once again we used the SkyTrain to get to Vancouver, and this time we went to the terminus station Waterfront from where we headed towards Gastown, named after ‘Gassy’ Jack Deighton who opened a saloon in that area from which Vancouver evolved. Of course, we had to have a look at its famous Steam Clock which, by the way, is also featured on the artwork to Nickelback’s album ‘Here and Now’.

On our way to the Lost Lagoon we stopped to see the Olympic flames which are impressive indeed.

When we arrived at the Lost Lagoon, we did not only see nature in its full bloom but also animals in abundance. There were Canada geese, blue herons, raccoons, spotted towhees, chickadees, turtles, ducks and swans – all living there in harmony. I just love this place and never tire of coming back to it again and again.

From there it’s just a little walk to Second Beach which we saw at low tide – for the first time. We enjoyed the sun and had our first ice cream there. Yummy!

After having spent an amazing day outdoors, we headed towards the SkyTrain station where an enormous amount of cherry blossoms greeted us. What a wonderful outing!

We visited Confederation Park

The weather was great and the sun was shining, so we had to go out and explore our region a bit.

Well, in the end it was a 8 kilometre hike but we got to see Confederation Park which hosts a model steam railway which, unfortunately, was not in service. We also found some geocaches and at one point had a great view of the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing or Second Narrows Bridge as it is also called which connects Burnaby with North Vancouver.

We’ve been to Science World

Our boys loved Science World when we last visited it years ago so that we decided to have another go at it, especially as there is always so much to see and do – even for adults…

Beside trying to solve all those tricky puzzles, we also watched the fire and electricity live shows and had a look at everything else, including the special exhibits ‘Travesia: Journey of the Grey Whale’ and ‘Creativity in Motion: Springs, Sprockets & Pulleys’ which were really interesting.

All in all, a very exciting day for both our boys and for us.

At the Vancouver Aquarium and Stanley Park

Today we chose the scenic route and were walking from Burrard SkyTrain Station to the Vancouver Aquarium – and that’s quite a long way. However, lots of spring plants and flowering trees on our way totally made up for this.

We also walked along the seawall where we had a great view of Coal Harbour before we finally arrived at the Aquarium. There we caught a glimpse at Elfin, saw a seagull trying to blend in with Aurora and Qila and watched Hana and Helen jumping out of the water during one of those very educational shows.

While strolling through Stanley Park we observed some squirrels chasing each other, especially a black squirrel and a grey one seemed to be playing together.

On our way home we passed Firehall N° 6, a historical firehall in service since 1907. And on one of its sides, there was this little inukshuk – and I absolutely love those little stone landmarks.

Well, and to get into the Easter spirit, there was this rather cute Easter chick disguised as the Easter bunny.

Anyway, we had a great day and even greater weather – and will return to Vancouver pretty soon.

Waiting at YVR

While we were waiting for our boys to arrive, we had a look at this wonderful sculpture ‘The Spirit of Haida Gwaii’ or ‘The Jade Canoe’ as it is commonly referred to by Bill Reid. At a closer look you can see a lot of passengers on that boat, among them Raven, Grizzly Bear, Beaver, Eagle, Frog and Wolf.

The sun is setting in Burnaby

After a day full of clouds and some rain, the sun decided to make a little comeback and give us a beautiful sunset. This looks great, doesn’t it?

A walk to Beecher Park

Today we enjoyed a little afternoon walk along Beecher Creek to Beecher Park – in the sunshine! On our way there we saw lots of new leaves, a little daisy and a male Downy Woodpecker. To top the day off, we also found the only geocache on this tour.

Spring has come to the VanDusen

Just some hours after the Pineapple Express, everything was calm again and the sun came out. Therefore we headed to the VanDusen Botanical Garden to enjoy some sunshine while exploring the garden. And we weren’t disappointed! We saw snowdrops, crocuses and spring snowflakes. Even some rhododendrons had opened their buds – and it’s only the beginning of March!

We also went to the maze and found the way to the monkey tree in the middle of it. This was fun! After the maze we just sat on a bench, had lunch, relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine.

By the way, we also saw some bald eagles flying high above us, two Canada geese having lunch, too, and some squirrels – probably on the search for some lunch…

We had a fantastic day – and as a special bonus, we also found the geocache in the botanical garden.