Vancouver Aquarium, Stanley Park, Lost Lagoon and Blue Moon

Today we headed to the Vancouver Aquarium to spend a wonderful and relaxing day there. It also was a relaxing day for the animals so it seemed – the seals were enjoying the sun and the penguins took a nap.

On our way back to the SkyTrain station we had a look at the Rose Garden in Stanley Park – and even the Canada geese were using the official place to cross the street to get there, okay, almost, but that was a pretty sight!

Of course we walked along the Lost Lagoon to enjoy a last look of it before heading home.

And then, as it was already quite late, we saw the Blue Moon which was huge! Very impressive indeed.

Amazing clouds and a stunning sunset

Look at those clouds! And just look how everything has changed to a most gorgeous sunset that looks like it is on fire. Who needs television when you can watch such natural beauty outside your window?

Burnaby sunset and Burnaby at night

I simply can’t get enough of these wonderful sunsets – and they all look so different! And to watch them from our apartment… this is just amazing!

Burnaby at night with all its lights is so beautiful, too.

Beaver Lake, Vancouver Aquarium and Lost Lagoon

We decided to do some geocaching in Stanley Park and especially chose everything around Beaver Lake.

On our way to Beaver Lake, there were two squirrels having late breakfast or early lunch. And then, we were finally there and could enjoy the beautiful lake full of water lilies. There even were some ducks – and we saw a blue dragonfly!

We then decided to pay a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium – and we even saw a little squirrel on our way. Once there, we saw Jack, the harbour porpoise, playing with a leaf, Helen and Hana, the Pacific white-sided dolphins, performing in front of an audience and the sea lion swimming endlessly.

Of course, we had to return to the Lost Lagoon (where we saw a blue heron, ducks and a swan) to round up our wonderful day. It’s always so peaceful and quiet there, and we are enjoying each visit there so much.

By the way, we did find some geocaches!

Our wedding anniversary day at Lost Lagoon

Luckily for us, we had gorgeous weather to go to the Lost Lagoon where we got married five years ago – and we celebrated our wedding anniversary with lots of wildlife there. A bumblebee, a blue heron, Canada geese, ducks, a swan and a raccoon all said hi – and those Canada geese even swam in formation. We had such a great time there!

As we were nearby, we simply had to go to the Aquarium as well. Jack said hi, too, and the penguins were enjoying a swim.

It was such an amazing day for our wedding anniversary, especially as we could finally spend it here in Vancouver!

First view from our apartment

Marcus and I have moved to Canada – and this is the first day we are spending at our newly rented apartment. Just look what a fantastic view we have! There is even a pool that we can use!