Our visit to Bodiam Castle and Pevensey Castle

Today we went from West Sussex to East Sussex where our first destination was Bodiam Castle, a moated castle near Robertsbridge, dating back to the 14th-century. Our second stop was Pevensey Castle, a medieval castle in the village Pevensey.

The walk to Bodiam Castle was very pleasant itself, especially as we could always see the castle on our way there. Crossing the wooden bridge into the castle was great, too, and lots of ducks and carps were in the water saying hello to all the visitors. Once inside, we could see all the remaining parts of it and had a fantastic view of the countryside around it from one of the towers. In one of the towers there even were some bats. Once outside again, we had lunch on one of the benches with a great view of the water, the water lilies, the ducks and, of course, the castle itself.

Some miles away a public footpath led us to Pevensey Castle where we spent some time exploring the grounds. Afterwards we had a lovely walk around the outer curtain wall of the castle. As we were ready to leave, the sun came out and gave us one final look at the castle in the sunlight.

It was a very beautiful day we enjoyed very much. Oh, and we found some geocaches at both castles, too.

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