Our visit at Arundel Castle

Marcus, our boys, my parents-in-law and I went to Arundel Castle by train. Although Arundel is situated not far from Littlehampton, we had to change trains on both trips. Marcus’s dad loves trains – and so it was a special treat for him. Of course, it was a great experience for everybody, especially for our boys as they hardly go by train anymore like we used to do.

Arundel Castle is a┬árestored medieval castle and looks really impressive from the outside and from the inside as well. The fascinating thing is that the Duke of Norfolk is still living at the castle – and therefore not all rooms are open to the public. However, in some of those rooms that you can have a glimpse in, one of the bathrooms, for example, we could see that they will be used later when the public has gone as, among others, modern shampoo was clearly visible.

The castle gardens were very pretty, too, as they were separated into different sections like herbs or wild flowers, and I especially liked the latter.

There was so much to be seen, and much too soon we had to head back to Littlehampton. But nevertheless this was a fantastic day!

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