Back to Middleheath Copse

Our boys both like to be around water, let it be the sea, a lake, a pond or a stream. That’s why we decided to take them onto another geocaching tour we already did – and so Middleheath Copse it was.

We had to walk through an enchanting forest to get to the stream, and once there our boys had so much fun jumping across the stream to get to the little island in the middle of it.

One of the caches we didn’t find last time was still missing. Therefore we replaced it with one of our own and let the boys choose the perfect hiding spot near the spot of the missing cache – and then we found the missing cache (we had replaced ourselves!)…

Anyway, we had a great day together!

Our visit at Arundel Castle

Marcus, our boys, my parents-in-law and I went to Arundel Castle by train. Although Arundel is situated not far from Littlehampton, we had to change trains on both trips. Marcus’s dad loves trains – and so it was a special treat for him. Of course, it was a great experience for everybody, especially for our boys as they hardly go by train anymore like we used to do.

Arundel Castle is a restored medieval castle and looks really impressive from the outside and from the inside as well. The fascinating thing is that the Duke of Norfolk is still living at the castle – and therefore not all rooms are open to the public. However, in some of those rooms that you can have a glimpse in, one of the bathrooms, for example, we could see that they will be used later when the public has gone as, among others, modern shampoo was clearly visible.

The castle gardens were very pretty, too, as they were separated into different sections like herbs or wild flowers, and I especially liked the latter.

There was so much to be seen, and much too soon we had to head back to Littlehampton. But nevertheless this was a fantastic day!

Once again at Coates Common

We definitely had to take our boys to Coates Common as we knew that a lot of piglets would be waiting there at one point of our walking tour. Besides, it really is a great walking and geocaching tour combined.

This time we thought we didn’t see correctly as there were cows in the middle of the woods. That was a strange sight! Not too far away, we came to the piglets which were running away at first, but then they came back nosily. That was so cute!

Some stiles needed to be climbed, too, and then we had lunch and sat on really great tree stumps.

Finally we got to the bonus cache and the boys were happy to have found such a big one!

Our second walking tour through Clapham Woods

As this was another great geocaching tour we already did in spring, we decided to take our boys along to give them the fun of finding lots of geocaches on their way – and there were quite a lot to be found. Our boys especially liked the stiles on which they sat to have lunch. Of course, we re-found all geocaches!

An afternoon at Littlehampton’s beach

Together with our boys and my parents-in-law we walked to the seafront and enjoyed a leisurely walk at the beach. We all had a great time there – and worked up an appetite for doughnuts which were waiting for us back home as a special treat.

Back to Pulborough Brooks

As we tremendously enjoyed the walk around Pulborough Brooks, and as there were such amazing geocaches hidden, we took our boys and my mother-in-law on this special walking route – and they all liked it a lot. We let our boys search for all the caches, and with some hints from us (only sometimes) they had them in their hands.

This time the Highland cattle were even closer to us and so we took the opportunity to take some close-up pictures.

All in all a very great day out!

An amazing hike over the Junipers and Box Hill

First of all, we really had a really great time doing this circular route, although it was very exhausting at times, too, especially as we missed one special turning point and had to head back to the original one – and I absolutely wanted to take the planned route in order to get all the geocaches placed there.

As this was a pre-planned geocaching tour, we came well-prepared with all the puzzle caches solved already and only to be found now. Besides the traditional caches, there also were some letterboxes and great multi-caches – and we found each single one of the various kinds of caches! Yay!

Anyway, on this route there were some steady climbs to be managed – and as we probably couldn’t get enough, we decided to additionally tackle a fairly steep walk near to Box Hill which led us to Broadwood’s Folly, built in around 1820. Once there, we said that this climb had definitely been worth it! Not only could we admire Broadwood’s Folly with the tree having grown inside of it but we also had a spectacular view over the Surrey countryside. And we saw what distances we had overcome to get to this point. Well, we had to get down there again…

Just as an interesting side note, Box Hill is a summit of the North Downs in Surrey, and the 2012 Summer Olympics cycling road race included loops around Box Hill.