Marcus has been to London

Today Marcus went to London to meet Marty from New York and spent some time with him. Together they explored London and came across several sights, among them Buckingham Palace and the Victoria Memorial in front of it, Admiralty Arch, the Palace of Westminster with Big Ben and the London Eye. They also went – yes, all on foot! – to Downing Street No 10, Piccadilly Circus and No 1 Golden Square which is the base of Absolute Radio. As they could not get enough, they also saw Chinatown and the Palace Theatre where the musical ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ was just on.

All in all they had a great time in London, the weather was good and the company even better. Just the way home was very complicated. Due to some rail problems hardly any train went home and Marcus had to wait at the station. Later he took a train that was supposed to go to the south of England, but nobody actually knew if that was correct. At Haywards Heath he changed traines and finally got the right one to Littlehampton. Anyway, hours later than expected Marcus was safely home again.

Back to Climping

Now that we know what fun geocaching is, we wanted to get some more geocaches from the series we were accidentally doing some days ago. So we prepared for a longer walk from Littlehampton to Climping and back while searching for geocaches – and we had a lot of fun doing so while admiring the beauty of nature around us!

A wonderful walk along Climping beach

We went to Climping today from where we had a quick access to the beach – the same one we were walking at some days ago, but that was a little bit closer to Littlehampton than this time.

Besides that, together with our boys we found our first two geocaches that day, too! And since then I try to find some geocaches wherever we go on a hiking tour.