Another stunning sunset at the beach

We were lucky to have had low tide again so that we could walk into the sea without the water being there and watch the sunset and its reflections. But then the water came back slowly and we had to head back to the beach.

Anyway, we stayed until the sun really set and then there were only some last glimpses of sun visible – and that was most beautiful, too!

Enjoying the seafront

Littlehampton is known for its longest bench which indeed stretches along the whole sea esplanade, and I love it. There are also two anchors before getting a look at the sea itself.

Today we had to stay at the beach as the water was in again (no low tide anymore), so that we could enjoy some of the waves. And that we did!

At the beach again

I still can’t believe that I can go to the beach whenever I want to – and we live in walking distance to it!

So we headed to the seafront again and could watch a blue heron among all the seagulls. It was low tide once more – and this time the little snails were even crawling along. There must have been thousands of them around!

A lovely sunset sent us back home again. We had indeed a wonderful evening at the sea.

Low tide at the sea in Littlehampton

Today we went into the sea – and didn’t get wet! Well, it was low tide so that we could walk as far as ever before which was up to the point where river Arun merges into the sea. We literally stood next to the river! That was crazy! And we must have been miles away from the beach – just look at one of the pictures!

On our way to that point there were thousands of little snails so that we had to be very careful where to step! All those little dark dots you can see in the picture are actually snails!

And finally, there was this gorgeous sunset – this time directly seen from the sea! Just beautiful!

Another evening at Littlehampton beach

We walked along the beach once more, saw the sea at low tide, admired the beach huts, especially the yellow ones (aren’t they great?) and spotted some wonderful looking plant with yellow flowers. (I have to admit I had to look it up – it’s a¬†yellow horned poppy which is toxic!)

And then the sun set and the whole beach was bathed in a glowing reddish light – that was most beautiful!