Whytecliff Park – here we come again

The weather looked promising, there was hardly any wind predicted, and we needed a well-deserved break.
So we decided to pay Whytecliff Park yet another visit – and we were so lucky to see four harbour porpoises once again, probably foraging as they were constantly changing directions.

The interesting part was that we saw one harbour porpoise leaping out of the water (again!).
So fascinating!

A sunny afternoon at Whytecliff Park

The sun was shining; we definitely needed some time off, and so we went to Whytecliff Park in the hope to see some harbour porpoises – or at least one.

Well, we did not see a single one but we saw lots of harbour seals, popping their heads out of the water.
And we saw several birds flying by.

The most amazing bird we saw, however, was a tiny Anna’s hummingbird sitting on a tree.
I felt extremely lucky to get a picture of this little one. And then the sun shone directly onto it, and its head and throat turned into a bright red. I could not believe my eyes. Just gorgeous!

At Whytecliff Park

Once again we set off to Whytecliff Park to see if we could spot some harbour porpoises there.

It was a really sunny but very cold day, but we came prepared!
Dressed with various layers, toques, gloves, and a thermos filled with hot peppermint tea, we braved the cold.

Unfortunately, we did not see a single harbour porpoise during the two and a half hours we spent there, but we saw several bird species fly by, including two adult bald eagles which was pretty amazing.

We also saw some seals or rather their heads popping out of the water.
One of them seemed to bathe in the sunshine, and its whiskers sparkled in the sun.

We had a wonderful time at Whytecliff Park; and when we got home, we had a nice cup of hot chocolate to warm up again.

Two harbour porpoises at Whytecliff Park

Well, we had seen harbour porpoises at Whytecliff Park before, so we were determined to hopefully see some this time as well.
It is always very difficult to see harbour porpoises in the wild, but the weather was perfect, and there were hardly any waves. So we found a nice little spot to scan the water.
After having spent more than two hours doing so, two harbour porpoises suddenly appeared right in front of us, maybe 10-15 metres away. Marcus heard them before we saw them swimming by.
After about two minutes they were gone, but this made our day!

A cold but beautiful afternoon at Whytecliff Park

Well stocked with hot peppermint tea and well wrapped up with lots of layers of clothes, we spent several hours at Whytecliff Park to see some wildlife and to have a good time outdoors, especially as the sun was shining.

Once there, we found some beautiful spots and were able to spot some harbour seals, cormorants and seagulls. But the most amazing moment was when we saw harbour porpoises!

(to be continued…)

Canada Place, Vancouver Lookout, Stanley Park

Together with our boys we visited Canada Place to experience FlyOver Canada – and what an experience it was! FlyOver China was pretty amazing, but FlyOver Canada was breathtakingly beautiful. The flying part definitely felt real.

From there we went to the Vancouver Lookout to have an amazing view of Greater Vancouver.

After that we strolled along Vancouver’s waterfront until we came to Stanley Park where we saw a blue heron wading in the water, and later a squirrel nibbling on something to eat.

We were quite hungry, too, although we had a nice snack and a cool drink in between, so we made our way home to get something delicious for dinner.

An adventurous time at Whytecliff Park

The last time our boys were visiting us, we somehow did not go to Whytecliff Park, but ended up at Porteau Cove where we nevertheless spent a fantastic day. So this time, we made our way to Whytecliff Park where we saw a lot of wildlife: seagulls, cormorants, harlequin ducks, Canada geese, pink sea stars – and harbour porpoises!

As there was low tide, we could also climb up Whyte Islet from where we had a spectacular view of Bowen Island and the Straight of Georgia.

What a great day!

Harbour seals and harbour porpoises at Whytecliff Park

After several rainy days (and more to come) we had a day with near sunshine so that we headed towards Whytecliff Park to have a leisurely stroll there.
As it was nearly high tide, we could not reach Whyte Islet – which I had never climbed before. Maybe next time…
Anyway, a seagull seemed to be guarding the way – and it was looking towards us.

We also managed to find one geocache, a puzzle. Yay!

But the most exciting experience was that we saw harbour seals, and three harbour porpoises – two swimming together and a single one. That was so amazing as we had never seen a harbour porpoise in the wild before.

We definitely have to come back to see more wildlife there!

Back to Lighthouse Park

The weather felt like spring today so that we – once again – headed to Lighthouse Park to have a look at the other side of the park and to enjoy the beauty of it – and to pick up some geocaches, of course.

This time we started our little hike not far from our parking spot and just walked along another trail to get to the other side of the park. And wow, I still love these fantastic trails that are so natural and rustic. One of them led us to Juniper Point from where we had a stunning view of Bowen Island. We also stopped at Shore Pine Point from where we could also see Bowen Island – just from another angle. And we observed loads of seagulls grabbing their lunches (which looked like sea stars from afar).

There are still some more trails to explore (and geocaches to be found), so that we will definitely back here.

A visit to Lighthouse Park

Seizing the most of the first rays of sunshine we made our way to West Vancouver to explore Lighthouse Park a bit and to find some geocaches hidden there.

Once there, we had a problem finding a parking spot as probably everybody else had the same idea trying to get some sun. Anyway, having put on our hiking shoes, we chose a trail not far away from the gate to start our little adventure – and what beautiful, rustic trails there were and such untouched nature!

From Eagle Point we had a fantastic view of Vancouver and the Lions Gate Bridge. And then later on, of course, we could see the lighthouse from different angles.

All in all a beautiful day in Lighthouse Park – and yes, we also did find some geocaches! We will definitely back to explore the other half of the park next time.

Panorama view from Eagle Point at Lighthouse Park
Panorama view from Eagle Point at Lighthouse Park