Morning walk along the sea wall and Lost Lagoon

Today I had some time before work, and so I strolled along Stanley Park’s sea wall until I came to Lost Lagoon, one of my favourite places in Vancouver.

On my way I saw Canada geese, various duck species, some tree swallows – and a harbour seal! What a great start of a work day!

(to be continued…)

Lunch time with Daisy and Jack

I love spending my lunch time with these two harbour porpoises, and I never get tired watching Jack and Daisy.

Vancouver Aquarium before opening hours

On my little morning stroll through Stanley Park I came along the Vancouver Aquarium where there were no visitors around yet. So I could take a few pictures of the lovely statue Chief of the Undersea World by Bill Reid as well as the poster inviting people to visit the new Discover Rays touch pool exhibit.

Early morning walk in Stanley Park

When there is still so much time before work starts, why not have a nice little stroll along Stanley Park’s seawall?!
That was exactly what I did this morning, and I ended up walking along Lost Lagoon, too, one of my most favourite places in Vancouver.

I very much enjoyed this peaceful morning walk, and I never felt alone; there was always some kind of bird or a squirrel around.

Lunch time with Jack and Ani

What better way to spend my lunch break with these two amazing animals coming to the underwater viewing windows, too!

We saw killer whales from Stanley Park

Marcus was lucky to be among all the early ones that ran down to the seawall to see a pod of killer whales swim by. Luckily he found me a bit later, and we tried to follow them on their way towards Lions Gate Bridge and past that.

Unfortunately, they were pretty far away, and with only a phone we could not get a decent picture…
But we saw them which was so amazing! Simply unbelievable!