I might be a bit biased but isn’t Elfin the cutest sea otter?
It is always lovely to see him during my lunch break.

A sleepy Elfin at the Vancouver Aquarium
A sleepy Elfin at the Vancouver Aquarium

Elfin and Katmai’s nap time

It was nice to see both Elfin and Katmai having a nap – at the same time. Quite a rare sight!

Lunch time with Elfin

When I first saw Elfin today, he had a little nap – but after his lunch he became active.
Isn’t he one of the best lunch buddies to have around?

Jack, Daisy, Elfin

Marcus got to spend some time with Jack and Daisy today, and especially Daisy came to the underwater viewing windows a lot.

On his way out, Marcus saw Elfin having a little nap.

Such amazing cuties!

Katmai and her evening activity

On our way out of the Aquarium, we saw a sea otter actively playing with one of her toys – and it was Katmai who seemed to have lots of fun with her flying disc. She always had it with her, even while grooming or diving…

Jack, Daisy, Walter

After our little tour through downtown Vancouver, we headed to the Vancouver Aquarium to spend another hour there. Of course, we went to see the harbour porpoises Jack and Daisy, and on our way to the exit we saw Walter having a nap.

Otters, frogs and porpoises

After having seen the plants and birds at the Bloedel Floral Conservatory, we still had some time left to go to the Vancouver Aquarium. We just could not go home, when we still were in Vancouver anyway…

As time was limited, we had a look at the frogs – and the axolotl, of course, (which was really well hidden) – at first before going to see the sea otters and porpoises

Once again, we had a wonderful time!

Katmai’s lunch

Well, I ended up standing in the rain later as I had to take some pictures of Katmai having a big lunch!

(to be continued…)