Capilano – here we come

Together with my in-laws we went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park where we were greeted with a beautiful pumpkin display.

We then headed over to Kia’palano with its amazing totem poles.

Well, then it was time to walk across the long suspension bridge – and the view from the bridge was so worth it!

And don’t forget the Cliffwalk and the Treetop Adventure which were amazing.

On our little breaks admiring the beautiful rain forest (have I mentioned how much I love the moss covered tress?), we saw a few Douglas squirrels scouting for food and nibbling on some fruit.
Well, there was this one little squirrel nibbling on one of the French fries – not a very healthy choice though.

All in all, we had a really lovely afternoon!

A fantastic day at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

A rather cloudy day was forecast today – no beach weather really – and so we headed towards North Vancouver to visit Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.

Of course, we wanted to experience everything there: the Capilano Bridge itself and the Treetops Adventure (which we already knew from previous visits) and the Cliffwalk (which was new for us). And that was exactly what we did – well, not in that order, as we had to start with the Cliffwalk which was pretty amazing!

But we also enjoyed the suspension bridge itself, the Treetops Adventure and the Nature’s Edge boardwalk – I love boardwalks!
As a special bonus, we saw a blue heron standing at one of the little lakes. So beautiful!

We definitely had a magnificent day!


Canada Place, Vancouver Lookout, Stanley Park

Together with our boys we visited Canada Place to experience FlyOver Canada – and what an experience it was! FlyOver China was pretty amazing, but FlyOver Canada was breathtakingly beautiful. The flying part definitely felt real.

From there we went to the Vancouver Lookout to have an amazing view of Greater Vancouver.

After that we strolled along Vancouver’s waterfront until we came to Stanley Park where we saw a blue heron wading in the water, and later a squirrel nibbling on something to eat.

We were quite hungry, too, although we had a nice snack and a cool drink in between, so we made our way home to get something delicious for dinner.

A sunny Burnaby day

Those snow covered mountains look really beautiful – from afar. I am so glad that we do not have any snow here…

First, Lynn Canyon Park

Today we took Marcus’s parents to Lynn Canyon Park, a popular destination among locals and tourists. The 101 year old park (it opened in 1912) offers great hiking opportunities along its several trails where you can see a lot of 80 to 100 year old trees.

First of, all we crossed the suspension bridge which is about 50 metres above Lynn Creek and offers fantastic views of the creek and its surrounding nature.
From there we turned left to have a leisurely walk to the 30 foot pool. In summer there will always be people swimming in the water but this time, only a dog had some fun in the cold water. To enjoy the natural beauty there, we sat on the bench overlooking the pool and had a light lunch before making our way back towards the suspension bridge.

Once there, we did not cross the bridge but went straight on towards the Twin Falls bridge to admire the view of the waterfall.
The way back up to the parking lot was quite steep – about 200 steps… Surprisingly enough, it was much easier than in summer.

As it was only early afternoon, we decided to pay the Vancouver Aquarium a visit…

(to be continued…)

Waiting for the sun to set

After having said goodbye to my in-laws, Marcus and I headed towards Stanley Park’s seawall to take some pictures of Lions Gate Bridge in the setting sun.

While waiting for that to happen, we observed several seagulls and a even duck. A bit later a blue heron came by, too, sat on the seawall, and kept us company.

As is became colder and colder, we just kept walking along the seawall, and took some pictures of the girl in a wetsuit statue – with and without the additional seagull on top of it -, and the empress of japan figurehead while watching the sun set. The houses in North Vancouver and the Lions Gate Bridge had some stunning reflections of the setting sun.

We even waited until it became a bit darker to have an early night picture of Lions Gate Bridge.
I love the bridge day and night, and I try to drive across it whenever possible. It looks especially lovely with its LED lights on.

Anyway, after having spent quite a while at Stanley Park’s seawall, we headed home – via Lions Gate Bridge! – to have a nice hot cup of tea.

Destination N°2 – the RCMP Musical Ride

After a great visit at the Vancouver Aquarium, we headed towards North Vancouver where we met Leanne and Susannah to watch the RCMP Musical Ride together. If Leanne hadn’t told us about it, we probably wouldn’t have come as we didn’t know what it was.

The RCMP Musical Ride is something probably every Canadian has watched some time or other in their lives, as it has been performing since 1887. All the members of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Musical Ride are full time policemen and policewomen who have volunteered for it. After some special training, they will be part of the RCMP Musical Ride for three years before returning to their regular work again.
After a certain training period, the horses (which are always black) will join the RCMP Musical Ride when they are at least six years old, and they will stay on to perform actively as long as possible.

Anyway, it was amazing to watch the scarlet coated riders carrying lances, together with their horses perform so many different formations, figures and cavalry drills, all choreographed to music, completely effortlessly. What a feast for the eyes!

Lynn Canyon Park – here we come

We’ve been to Lynn Canyon Park several times already, and we know that our boys love to wade in the creek there. Therefore, it was an easy decision to head towards the 30 Foot Pool as this is a safe spot to do exactly that.

We got up relatively early (not so popular with teenage boys), but we were rewarded with an empty parking lot (good for us) and a quiet park. Even at the 30 Foot Pool there was hardly anybody so that I could take pictures of its beauty without having random people in them – and our boys had fun exploring the area.

Inspired by an already existing inukshuk, Tom and Ben constructed one of their own.
After a while it became quite crowded, so that we decided to visit the Twin Falls (not so crowded there) before making our climb back to the parking lot.

As it was only early afternoon and we didn’t want to head back to our apartment, we went to the Vancouver Aquarium, one of our favourite spots.

(to be continued…)

We went to Lynn Canyon Park and its suspension bridge…

Lynn Canyon Park is just a 20 minute drive from home, but we have to drive through three cities: Burnaby, Vancouver and North Vancouver – via the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing.
I love bridges and boardwalks, and as Lynn Canyon Park offers both, this destination was the perfect spot to go to. We went relatively early to avoid the crowd as Lynn Canyon Park is quite a popular spot among the locals.

First of all, we walked across the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge which is about 50 metres above the creek flowing underneath it. We then went along this beautiful trail leading to the 30 Foot Pool, admiring the untouched nature surrounding us. I so love these moss covered trees which always remind me that we are indeed living in the temperate rainforest – not that the amount of rain is any sign at all…

Anyway, on our way back we just passed the suspension bridge, went along a boardwalk (I also love those!) and continued our way until we came to the Twin Falls, two beautiful waterfalls which can best be seen from the little wooden bridge crossing the canyon.
And doesn’t it look like as if the sun was pointing out that there seemed to be a rather grim looking face on the rocks just below this bridge?! Strange, eh?

Our way back led us to climb a couple of stairs (more than 200) which was quite an uphill hike. But it was definitely worth it – and besides, we knew that before!
We will be back once our boys are here this summer!

A relaxing afternoon at Cates Park

We quite spontaneously decided to spend the afternoon in the nature, and Cates Park in North Vancouver is a great location for that, as it offers walking trails in the forest as well as the possibility to stroll along the beach.
The hardest part was finding a parking spot as probably half North Vancouver and surroundings had the same idea, but we were so lucky to get the last spot. Yay!

First we followed the trail until the end of Cates Park, headed down to the beach and enjoyed a leisurely walk back to where we started.
We observed two Canada geese couples swimming in Burrard Inlet and saw a little crab hiding among the little stones. Can you see it? There was also a seagull sitting on a pillar, and I was wondering if it has read the sign that fishing and crabbing are not allowed?

At one point we could see the Second Narrows Bridge (officially the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing) which links North Vancouver with Vancouver – and which we took to get home again. So we had been in three cities today!
Anyway, although we only spent a short time at Cates Park, it was really refreshing, and we enjoyed it a lot.