Burnaby at sunset and at night

When we came home after a fantastic day at the Vancouver Aquarium, we got to see an amazing sunset which turned into a stunning night view of Burnaby.

Burnaby at night

After having had such an amazing day at the Vancouver Aquarium, we also got a beautiful moon once we were back home again.

Burnaby at night and an ISS sighting

While waiting for the International Space Station to appear, I enjoyed the view from our balcony and watched the moon wander from one place to another.
And then the ISS came into sight and flew by very quickly. Isn’t it amazing that we can see it from the earth?

Impressions of Cates Park and Sunset in Burnaby

I just wanted to add some more pictures to Marcus’s post about our walking tour around Cates Park earlier today which we enjoyed very much, especially as the sun was shining on an otherwise rather cold day.

On our walk we saw a squirrel sunbathing – the perfect opportunity to take a picture! Of course, we saw seagulls and ducks as well.

Back home we had a nice hot cuppa and enjoyed the sunset from our couch.

View from our balcony at night

Aren’t those clouds impressive? Anyway, I always love to look outside and see all the lights at night – and the city never sleeps…

Just have a look at our panorama view!

Panorama view - from our balcony
Panorama view – from our balcony

Cloudy afternoon and evening in Burnaby

One of the great things living here is that there are always clouds which make such wonderful pictures. Just compare the clouds in the pictures taken in the late afternoon and at night – don’t add those clouds that little something to pictures? By the way, have you seen our illuminated pool in the last picture?

Burnaby sunset and Burnaby at night

I simply can’t get enough of these wonderful sunsets – and they all look so different! And to watch them from our apartment… this is just amazing!

Burnaby at night with all its lights is so beautiful, too.