Happy New Year 2015!

What better way to spend New Year’s Day than with Jack and Daisy?!
Marcus was lucky to get some beautiful pictures of the two amazing harbour porpoises who were both coming to the windows a lot.

Harbour porpoises

Marcus spent some time at the Vancouver Aquarium today where he took great pictures of Jack and Daisy.
Both were coming to the underwater viewing area a lot.

A pig-nosed turtle and two harbour porpoises

As I was working, Marcus explored the various galleries at the Vancouver Aquarium.
He spent most of the time, however, with Miss Piggy, as we lovingly call the pig-nosed turtle, and with Jack and Daisy, the two amazing harbour porpoises.

Simply Daisy

We were in Vancouver anyway, so after our visit at VanDusen  we went to the Vancouver Aquarium to say hi to the porpoises there.

Daisy was at the underwater viewing windows a lot so that we could get some good pictures of her. Just have a look at this amazing harbour porpoise!

Porpoises and pumpkins

Most of After Hours, however, we spent with Jack and Daisy, the amazing harbour porpoises at the Vancouver Aquarium.

We stood at their habitat for quite a while and just watched them pushing the various pumpkins back and forth.
Daisy, of course, tried to get as many pumpkins as possible into her corner.
Jack even pushed one of the pumpkins from the platform into the water.

Anyway, aren’t these two adorable?

After Hours at the Aquarium

After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium is always amazing. Therefore, we try to attend as often as possible, and this time we could enjoy a Halloween themed After Hours which was really, really nice.
The weather was great, too! No rain at all.

We enjoyed exploring the galleries and seeing the animals in a different light.
Both harbour seals and Steller sea lions were outside and getting ready for the night. Others, like the belugas or harbour porpoises, were busy playing with the pumpkins in their habitats.

There was a beautiful display of carved pumpkins to be admired, too, and it was indeed quite hard to pick one.

(to be continued…)

A rainy afternoon at the Aquarium

Together with our boys we spent a great afternoon at the Vancouver Aquarium, exploring once again its various galleries.

We saw so many animals, and in the Amazon we were especially lucky to see one of the sloths really up close.
Then we had to stop at the cute Pacific spiny lumpsuckers in BC Waters, too.

Despite the rain we observed both harbour seals and a Steller sea lion swimming in the water whereas another sea lion was sitting outside on the platform.

But we spent most of the time at one of the underwater viewing areas. Which one? Well, just have a look at the pictures…


We had a great time at the Vancouver Aquarium

During our visit at the Vancouver Aquarium we saw lots and lots of animals, among them turtles, piranhas, frogs, axolotls, sloths, butterflies – and of course, the harbour porpoises.

We definitely had a fantastic time – and will be back soon, probably very soon…

So much to see at the Vancouver Aquarium

Today was the first time for our boys to see the expansion of the Vancouver Aquarium, and we had so much fun exploring all the new and already well-known areas.

Among others, we went to the Amazon where we saw a two-toed sloth (quite up close), the two hyacinth macaws, and some scarlet ibises. We also visited the Frogs Forever? gallery and spotted all three axolotls.

And of course, we spent some time with the harbour porpoises Jack and Daisy before heading home where our boys had a great time swimming in the pool.

What a fantastic day!

Just saying hi to the porpoises

After having successfully exchanged our Tourism Challenge passes into Tourism Privilege passes, we still had some time to pay the harbour porpoises at the Vancouver Aquarium a short visit.

Jack was the first who came to the underwater viewing windows, and Daisy joined him some minutes later. Yay!