Whytecliff Park animals

We always have a good time at Whytecliff Park – no matter what the weather is like or what animals we see.

Today we were lucky to see the usual seagulls and crows but also bald eagles, harbour seals, sea lions, and harbour porpoise. A really great day which ended with an amazing sunset over Bowen Island.

Seals, sea lions, river otters and porpoises

Once again we had a lovely time at Whytecliff Park where we saw a lot of wildlife:
harbour seals, sea lions, river otters, and harbour porpoises.

So much wildlife at Whytecliff Park

While enjoying some relaxing time at Whytecliff Park, we saw a lot of wildlife around us.

There was one inquisitive crow which walked along the cliff and kept looking at us.
We also spotted a beautiful pair of harlequin ducks swimming by. And, of course, we also saw harbour seals, sea lions, and harbour porpoises.

Whytecliff Park in the afternoon

After having spent some hours volunteering we went to Whytecliff Park enjoying some sunshine.

Spring was definitely here – with trees in full bloom and daffodils everywhere.

We saw lots of birds in the water and on land, either swimming, flying, hopping around, picking up some seeds and worms, or just looking at us.

We also saw some seals popping their heads out of the water.

After some hours we definitely felt very much refreshed.

Porpoises at Whytecliff Park

In the late afternoon we went to Whytecliff Park in the hope to see some harbour porpoises – or at least a single individual – at around sunset.

Luckily for us, they really showed up! We spotted about four or five of them, foraging not too far away from our viewpoint.

Later, after sunset, we could still hear their puffing sounds when breathing but it became more and more difficult to spot them in the water. They are so well-camouflaged!

Harbour porpoises are such amazing animals. I simply cannot get enough of them!